Alice & Massimiliano

The love story of Alice and Massimiliano began as the most beautiful fairy-tale begin: “Once upon a time …”

Once upon a time there was the Volpiano station. There is still, in fact, on the way from Turin to Aosta: every day the same train, the same path, the same hours, and the same faces that you recognize, become accustomed to each other’s presence. The movements of the passengers are scanned daily by work routine or study. We could say the same for Alice and Massimiliano, who were traveling on the same stretch. One day they met and knew… since then they were always together.

That day, in that station, a beautiful love story was born. Years later, in the Volpiano station, we took a prewedding shooting to Alice and Massimiliano, because they decided to get married.

Here is their wedding!

So here we are, June 27, 2015 with them in Crescentino. They are preparing for their wedding and for the party in Principato di Lucedio!

Alice and Massimiliano say Yes in the sanctuary Madonna del Palazzo. The gospel choir “Gospel e dintorni” give a special feeling of rhythm, celebration, joy. 18 various vocalists and musicians, all dressed in yellow and orange: gorgeous!

… And then party in Principato di Lucedio.

After the rain of rice at the exit from the church, the couple left for the Principato di Lucedio. The tableau is made from the root of a tree that they took near their home, and shows a series of important dates of their lives. Remembering the past it is beautiful and important, because “without roots we cannot fly,” as they write on this composition.

The excellent catering HB provides the buffet. The musician Giorgio Porfirio entertains the guests with songs and dance music.

Finally, a walk with the couple for some portraits. The presents of the couple for the guests are flute glasses to toast with Alice and Massimiliano. The party ends dancing with all the friends!

June 27, 2015


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