Julie & Christopher

What a wonderful party! Reviewing Julie and Christopher’s wedding photos gives me so much joy and energy. A great pleasure to photograph their destination wedding in Italy (at the Almaranto Hotel in Calamandrana), which represents for them and for the guests a fabulous weekend in the heart of the Unesco hills of Monferrato.

Preparations and outdoor ceremony

The whole event, from the preparations to ceremony and the reception, is in the Almaranto Hotel location, in Calamandrana in the province of Asti. The spouses are Danish, and all their guests are ready to experience this “Italian wedding”. Before the day begins, a nice dip in the pool is just what it takes.

And then the ceremony. Julie and Christopher join in an outdoor wedding in the courtyard of the location. We take panoramic photos from above to capture the situation from every point of view. You don’t need to know the Danish language to understand that it is a moment of stellar joy!

Wedding reception at the Almaranto Hotel, Calamandrana

It’s time to celebrate. The glance is exceptional: in the center of the courtyard of the Almaranto Hotel there is a long imperial table where all the guests sit. Many speeches of the guests celebrate the love story of the couple with dedications and stories. In the evening the location – inaugurated just a year ago – becomes even more romantic.

Fun fact: after a hot summer, this is the first day with some fresh air. And even if a few light drops of rain fall during dinner, both the bride and groom and the guests remain outside, sure that the rain would stop shortly thereafter. And so it was.

And then we can go on with the toasts, the dances, the party: Julie and Christopher’s wedding in Italy is a marvel!

September 3, 2022

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