Wedding Monferrato

Wedding Monferrato is becoming an excellent solution for the couples that live in cities of Piedmont, an original idea for many people that live in other zones of Italy, and above all a fantastic adventure for foreign newlyweds that dream of a Destination Wedding in the italian countries.

Wedding photos in Monferrato

In this page we show you a beautiful photo selection, and we also tell you about our experiences, because JoyPhotographers weddings are often celebrated here. This land is less “domesticated” than close Langhe, but equally rich of delights, excellences, treasures.

In the heart of these wonderful hills (UNESCO World Heritage) you can find perfect locations for wedding receipts. Some are specialized in foreign couple reception. Some have restaurants where you can eat delicious local food. And some have cellars with extraordinary wine. And some have the whole features!

Destination weddings in Monferrato

To travel in these lands is a very suggestive experiences, so close to “Old Piedmont” atmospheres that light up the fantasy of people that discover this hills for the first time. The most enchanting places are often natural and genuine, not touched by the massive touristic crowd…

A lot of foreign couples choose these countries because they are a paradise of peace, relax, nature that lives in harmony with human activities. Hotel La Villa, in the town of Mombaruzzo, is an extraordinary place that host receipts of guys that live abroad, for an unforgettable Wedding Monferrato.

Our advice is to browse our photo gallery, inspire yourself with our location map, search for the restaurants cooking local food.

Fantastic sunsets, old-fashioned villages, castles and country houses, medieval churches… Breath-taking experience!

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Wedding videos in Monferrato

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Monferrato is the perfect place for your wedding movie!