Annie & Paul

Annie and Paul, first of all, you’re welcome! It is always an incentive and a satisfaction for us to work with foreign couples, and it is always a pleasure to receive them in the enchanting landscapes of Langhe hills.

In June we met for the first time with the bride and groom, in the home of Annie’s sister, who lives in Turin. Here we are again, two months later, for the wedding day; Annie and Paul chose to set the celebration and the party on Langhe hills, in Antico Borgo Monchiero. Before the start of the rite they were both very anxious, Annie often looked for her sister’s hugs, and Paul locked in his room to prepare his speech! We imagined him declaiming his notes, written on a piece of paper, in front of the mirror, with powerful voice…

Antico Borgo Monchiero was once a monastery, now it had been splendidly restored. The civil marriage was celebrated next to the swimming pool, witnesses contributed with touching readings. Then immediately everybody started cheering and drinking: english people honored their reputation and very quickly all the beer and wine stockpiles ran out!

In the joy and amusement atmosphere, there were not any real “quit” from the ceremony: for us photographers, you know, there are important moments we don’t want to miss… so the relatives organized one anyway, in the location’s yard. Thank you guys! Another funny moment was the throwing of the bouquet: Annie flinged it so strongly that the bouquet passed all the girls and ended over the stairs!

We spent all the dinner in a very cheerful mood, there were a lot of speeches by the parents, the witnesses and especially by Paul: his speech, that he prepared with so many concentration locked in his room, was very amusing! After the end of the dinner, everybody started to dance, even Annie’s father: she told me that a similar thing never happened before… of course, it was a very special day!

August 23, 2014

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