Antonella & Domenico

I knew Antonella for the first time in a wedding fair. She and her boyfriend Domenico were searching for the right photographer for their wedding day. We started to talk and she told me a very interesting detail… 😉

…These guys decided to marry in California!

Then Antonella came in our studio to organize the event. The place of the event is San Francisco, a city that I saw several times in American movies, but I never imagined that I would come there as a photographer. I must thank my wood necktie, that I often dress in weddings and I had that day in the Fair too, and maybe inspired faith to her 😉

After fixing the last reservations and planning, everything is ready for the Wedding in California of this sweet couple.

Here we are in San Francisco!

Antonella & Domenico have two kids, Irene & Stefano, they are very nice and amused by this American experience. The bride and the groom prepare in Hotel Hilton, Union Square, and celebrate their union in the Italian Consulate of San Francisco.

The reception is at the Cliff House, a restaurant in front of the Pacific Ocean. It is a fresh and foggy day, it may seem strange for a Californian City. But the particular conditions of climate and geographic position of this city create summers with a lot of fog. They call it “June gloom”.

Then we walk in the city with the couple, discovering all the symbolic points that made Frisco famous all over the world: the multiethnic center, the trolleys and the hills, the rainbow flag in Castro zone, and the classic Golden Gate Bridge…

Wedding in California: for Antonella and Domenico, was the realization of a dream.

The same is for me, as the photographer of their wonderful event!

2016, August 25th

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