Jelissa & Leonardo

It is a wonder to photograph a wedding on Lake Maggiore. Many say June is the month when this scenario is at its best. For sure, with the direction of Roberta Adamo Wedding Planner, the event cannot be better: she knows these enchanting areas perfectly and knows how to create a memorable day. The ceremony is in the Old Church of Belgirate, and the reception is at the Dal Pozzo Castle in Oleggio Castello; the bride and groom are the beautiful Jelissa and Leonardo, protagonists of a fabulous day!

Ceremony in the Old Church of Santa Maria, Belgirate

The photographic reportage begins with the groom in the hotel intent on the preparations, together with his cousin who is also a witness, and the parents. The bride wears the dress in the Castello dal Pozzo location, with the company of friends, relatives, mother, all in the same room to have fun and make the first toast!

Jelissa and Leonardo get married in the Old Church of Santa Maria, in Belgirate, perched on a hill with a breathtaking view of Lake Maggiore. At the exit, a thousand soap bubbles greet the newlyweds joyfully. It’s time for the first romantic portraits with a lake background.

The wedding reception at the Castello Dal Pozzo, Oleggio Castello

The appointment for everyone is in Oleggio Castello and more precisely at Castello dal Pozzo, location of the wedding reception. The welcome is with an aperitif on the terrace; the colors of the rainbow paint the sky just when the bouquet is launched.

The event continues inside the dining rooms, animated by the speeches of friends and relatives. And then we go back out for the cutting of the cake, a very scenographic moment with the “luminous fountains” to make the toast with all the guests exciting.

The evening is always more beautiful, it continues with the dances, a thousand flags of the Dominican Republic and Italy (the nations of the bride and the groom) mix on the track to create an exceptional atmosphere around Jelissa and Leonardo married!

June 26, 2022

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