Alberta & Juan

I traveled a thousand kilometers to photograph their wedding in Sacile. But for a wedding like this I’d make ten thousand!

There are many reasons: the first is that this village in Friuli Venezia Giulia is truly an enchantment. The second is that the event brings together a mix of people from both Italy (like the bride) and Spain (like the groom). And the third reason – the most important – is that I care a lot about Alberta & Juan, ever since I met her while we were working in Corfu for ScuolaZoo, and then she moved to Spain to live with her future husband.

And five years later, here we are again, together with many friends, well-known people and very familiar faces that I see again after a long time. There is no need to ask: the answer is no, time just doesn’t seem to have passed!

The photos in the gallery give an idea of ​​how spectacular this wedding was. And to make the idea even better, here is the video trailer:

Matrimonio in Sacile in the Cathedral

Ready for the first photos of the day. Juan gets ready at the hotel, in the center of Sacile, together with his brother and sister. Alberta, on the other hand, wears the dress at her parents’ home, where she was born and raised.

The ceremony is in the Cathedral of Sacile (Church of San Nicolò) with many guests. The Spaniards make their festive presence felt well! The celebration is officiated in both Italian and Spanish, and the rite includes the veiled blessing of the spouses, under a veil held by the witnesses.

Armed with confetti shooters, friends finally stationed themselves at the church exit to wait for the newlyweds and explode a storm of colors!

Wedding reception at Villa Brandolini, Vistorta, Sacile

The location is Villa Brandolini in Vistorta, a hamlet of Sacile. While the guests leave for the location, we stop for a few minutes in the historic center to take some portraits. The village is so beautiful that the photos are taken by themselves, and I am spoiled for choice to decide which ones to include in this gallery!

The sun sets, we move to the location, the magic of the evening immediately begins to make the atmosphere special. As soon as the couple arrive, the great DJ Sandro Bani turns the volume up, and the friends don’t think twice about starting to dance.

Dinner is a riot of celebration, with three imperial tables full of friends who toast non-stop. It is time for the cutting of the cake, outside, another scenographic moment full of enthusiasm. In the estate of the location there is a very funny Photo Booth, the ice cream cart and the hookah corner.

Before the overwhelming night dances, the most incredible surprise: for all guests there is a tattoo area. Not the normal transfers, but real tattoos! Needless to say, tattoo artists have worked non-stop.

And the images in this gallery are not tattoos, but in the same way make indelible the memory of an unforgettable day, that of Alberta & Juan’s wedding. A huge pleasure and honor to photograph this spectacular event!

October 9, 2021

Livia & Sandro

From Switzerland to Italy, Livia and Sandro choose to celebrate their destination wedding on the hills of Monferrato, Unesco Heritage. It is a beautiful day, and that is perfect for celebrating the outdoor ceremony. Here are the photos of the wonderful day of Livia & Sandro, in Relais Sant’Uffizio!

Outdoor ceremony in Cioccaro di Penango, Asti

The place of the ceremony is very scenic. The altar is set up on the lawn that is located in front of the small church of Cioccaro Penango, wide open on the landscape of the Asti Monferrato. The autumn sun makes the hills shine, the music accompanies the celebration, and all the eyes of the guests are for the newlyweds.

Livia and Sandro get married with a rite in German, and the emotions do not need translation: there is a lot of joy and affection for the two newlyweds who join in marriage!

Before the reception, it’s time for some photos on the Relais Sant’Uffizio estate, among the vineyards and in the streets of the village.

The wedding reception at Relais Sant’Uffizio

The aperitif and dinner are outdoors: when there is a beautiful day like this, it should be exploited! It starts at sunset, and continues under the moon and stars. The bride is an exceptional singer, and accompanied by musicians she makes us hear her voice.

The evening is full of games organized by the guests, and the spouses lend themselves with great sympathy to be the protagonists of these very funny moments. The cutting of the cake is the occasion for many other toasts, before entering the rooms of the location to dance to the rhythm of the DJ’s music.

A huge pleasure to photograph the event of Livia and Sandro, and relive now in these images all the beauty of their destination wedding in Italy!

October 2, 2021

Federica & Mikalis

Very often the expression “fairytale wedding” is used. But when the scenery is as beautiful as Lake Maggiore, well, then it’s REALLY fairytale. At Villa Rusconi Clerici, overlooking the lake, Federica and Mikalis celebrate the wedding, and these are the photos of the whole day.

A special thanks goes to the Wedding Planner, Roberta Adamo of Spazio Bianco, who took care of the organization and the preparations. A professional that we have known here at JoyPhotographers for years, and her events on Lake Maggiore – one of the most beautiful places of Italy – are always of unique beauty.

The Wedding at Villa Rusconi Clerici, Lake Maggiore

The day begins with the bride and groom’s preparations: the bride wears the dress at Villa Rusconi Clerici, in a room with a fantastic lake view. With her the bridesmaids, her sister, and mum and dad. The groom is not far away, at the Grand Hotel Majestic, together with friends, brother and parents.

It is amazing how beautiful Lake Maggiore is even with the sky rippled with clouds. The ceremony takes place under a tensile structure, however it does not rain, on the contrary the clouds break, letting the blue of the sky filter through. Federica and Mikalis join in marriage to the applause of guests from all over the world, and now all that remains is to have the most beautiful party in the world!

A boat ride on Lake Maggiore, and then the wedding reception

Before celebrating, Federica and Mikalis take a romantic boat ride on Lake Maggiore. At their return in Villa Rusconi Clerici, the aperitif begins, with the toasts and the launch of the bouquet. And then the evening falls with its magic of stars. Stars that are recalled in the lighting of the location, with many little lights that dot the ceiling. The imperial table and the breathtaking setting by Roberta Adamo make the evening the top!

The speeches of the guests begin, and the first dances are already animated. The cutting of the cake is with the background of the villa and a scenography of luminous fountains: let the photos be the ones to make you appreciate the glance.

It doesn’t end there: the newlyweds and guests take a private ferry to move to another location in Feriolo to dance all night long. Here the photographic story ends, but the party does not end: the wedding of Federica & Mikalis is a wonderful event!

September 19, 2021

Jessica & Charles

A wonderful Indian Wedding: Jessica & Charles amaze us with an event that makes us breathe the great atmosphere of a wedding in India!

Bringing the magic of Indian marriage to Europe

While the Indian style of this event is inspired by the origins of the bride, the wedding venues are those of the groom. The ceremony is in Switzerland close to the French border, at the Eglise de Notre-Dame des Grâces Grand (in Lancy), and the reception is in France at the Indian restaurant Les Jardins de Malyar (in Saint-Genis-Pouilly) .

The fame of Indian marriage knows no bounds. It is a world-famous type of event, and its appeal is universal. A style full of colors, celebrations, dances, jewels, outfits with attention to the smallest details. Even in a solemn place like this church near Lake Geneva, Indian traditions fill the air with their elegance of liveliness and splendor. And Jessica and Charles are the fabulous protagonists.

Indian Wedding and its traditions

As you can see in the photos, the wedding rite is full of Indian traditions: in perfect Hindu practice, the groom puts the Mangalsutra necklace around the bride’s neck, the most important jewel of the Indian ceremony, which indicates that the woman is married.

The location of Jessica and Charles’s reception is an Indian restaurant, which gives us the opportunity to taste the delights of typical cuisine. Before starting the celebrations, the bride and groom and guests change their clothes, and the women wear colorful sarees (in Indian weddings, outfits include bright and lively colors). Another well known female tradition is the Mehndi, that is henna tattoos drawn on the hands. In the photogallery you can see the very rich and elaborate drawings, which in India are an art.

Indian weddings are made not only by clothes and colors, but also by lots of music and dancing. There are musicians with typical Indian instruments, who play and animate the dances. The groom and the bride are carried on chairs raised by friends, to then exchange symbolic necklaces and thus start the toasts.

Inside the restaurant there is a large space dedicated to dancing, because in the Indian tradition the marriage is full of music and dancing! And in fact, together with Jessica and Charles all the guests start to move to the rhythm of music, in an exciting evening full of joy and fun.

Then comes the moment of speeches from friends and relatives, and video projections that tell the love story of the couple. And with these photos we tell the story of the wedding day, which made us live the extraordinary experience of an Indian wedding!

September 4, 2021