Maicy & Marco

Maicy & Marco’s wedding in Turin: he from Turin, she from the United States, it is a wonderful story that begins in the USA, where their love grows, and today they are ready for the big event that we show in the photos. There is also the video trailer:

A big thank to Simmi Floral & Event Design for excellent floral arrangements. We always love the floral and bouquet design of Camilla and Simmi staff and we are happy to work today in scenarios embellished by her touch.

Wedding in Turin in the Church of Maria Madre dei Giovani

The first photos tell the moments of the preparations of the bride and the groom, helped by their respective parents. Together with the groom there are also the best men Luca, Edoardo, Andrea, Andriu. Together with the bride, the bridesmaids in the very elegant red dresses: Ali, Laurell, Fargol, Amanda.

And so we can say that Turin and Boston meet in the Church of Maria Madre dei Giovani, inside the headquarters of the Arsenale della Pace, for the celebration of Maicy & Marco’s wedding. There is always a special atmosphere in an “international” wedding like this, where the opposite corners of the world meet. And it is a beauty to photograph the great Yes of the couple, the soap bubbles at the exit… and then we continue with many portraits in the Arsenale della Pace.

Wedding reception in Vigna Chinet, Turin

An ideal place to celebrate a wedding in Turin is certainly the hill overlooking the city: the location of the reception is Vigna Chinet. A very popular restaurant in Turin, which becomes even more beautiful thanks to the arrangements by Camilla di Simmi Weddings, both outside – where the aperitif is set – and in the halls – where we enter for dinner.

And then everything is ready for the party: the toasts, the speeches, the dance, a joyful evening dedicated to this beautiful couple: Maicy & Marco.

September 21, 2019

Roisin & Andrew

Roisin & Andrew: a fantastic Irish couple who brings in Italy the dances, the joy, the passion for toast, the ability in speech and all the joyful “wedding mood” typical of their land. Our Italy returns with a bright sunny day, and with an exceptional scenario: Lake Maggiore! More precisely, we are in Lido di Angera, on the Lombard shores of the Lake: the whole event is set here and it is a pleasure to photograph their destination wedding in Italy.

Thanks to Filo Lido Eventi for floral arrangements!

Destination wedding in Italy: the outdoor ceremony

Photos of the day begin with the bride’s preparations. While Roisin wears the dress, the father inaugurates the toasts: together they get on the boat to head to Hotel Lido di Angera. What a sight to see the bride coming to the wedding location!

The music of ukulele, keyboard and voice is preparing to accompany the great moment of Roisin & Andrew, who join in marriage with an outdoor ceremony, in a very beautiful place because we are really just a few meters from the shore of the Lake.

In this same place, in a few minutes, everything is ready for reception.

Wedding reception at the Hotel Lido di Angera

At the Hotel Lido di Angera, for the reception of Roisin & Andrew, there is an abundant aperitif and then a nice dinner in the rooms of the location. A dinner that – as in Anglo-Saxon traditions – becomes very joyful when the speeches of friends start. In addition to all this, Free Unplugged‘s excellent music (which we thank) makes the atmosphere wonderful.

Some evening portraits are what it takes to give Roisin & Andrew lots of photos set during the most “romantic” hour on Lake Maggiore. Shortly after we give them back to the warmth of friends: the dances are an explosion of fun, and we see it in many images of this photogallery, full of joy and life. This party is the best way to live the wonderful Roisin & Andrew’s destination wedding in Italy!

30 August 2019

Genesis & Robin

A love story that unites a girl and a boy from two opposite corners of the world (Ecuador and Holland): a novel should be written. And their wedding, so beautiful, set in Turin, deserves to be told: we do it with the photos in this gallery, and with the wedding video trailer below!

There is no need to know the thousands of different languages ​​that are spoken on this day to understand the atmosphere of the event. So much emotion during the wedding ceremony in the Church of San Carlo. And so much party and fun and great time in the reception at Villa Somis, on the Turin hillside.

Wedding ceremony in the Church of San Carlo, Turin

The raindrops that come down in the morning will soon give way to a bright sun that will illuminate all this summer wedding… until the starry night that will accompany the reception.

The ceremony is in a place that is probably the most elegant square in Turin: Piazza San Carlo. The Church of San Carlo is one of the two famous “Twin Churches” of Baroque architecture next to Via Roma: it is here that Genesis and Robin unite in marriage, between the emotion of the guests, and the magic of the music of a string quartet .

Soon after, it’s time for some portraits in the streets of the center, as the sun makes its way through the clouds, and for the bride and the groom it’s about to start a great evening with friends from all over the world!

Wedding reception at Villa Somis, Turin

Villa Somis is a wedding location that rises on the Turin hills: a few minutes by car to enjoy an incomparable view of the city and absolute serenity.

The dances begin immediately. And after dinner, the toasts, and the spectacular cutting of the cake with the sparkles lit by the guests… it’s time again to dance, all night. Two beautiful newlyweds, the most fascinating places in the city, many enthusiastic friends, a wonderful party… what do they say: “what else?”

Greetings Genesis and Robin, in all the languages ​​of the world!

27 July 2019

Samantha & Edoardo

Samantha and Edoardo, from London, come to Italy to spend the beautiful day of their marriage. We are at Villa San Domenico, in the Asti countryside: the whole event is set in this location.

Wedding ceremony at Villa San Domenico, Asti

The rooms of the villa in ferment for the preparations of the bride and the groom. The bridesmaids in elegant purple dress, ready for the first toasts. The white dress ready to be worn by Samantha. The garden set up for the ceremony. The first notes of the musicians to create the right mood. The children who run and play waiting for the event. The emotion that rises to the sight of the bride coming…

After the ceremony, the launch of rice, and many smartphones that resume the spouses’ exit, ready to start the party!

Wedding reception at Villa San Domenico, Asti

What could be better than an abundant outdoor aperitif to start the reception? Even better when there’s a great band – Drivewheel – to accompany the evening with blues rock music. And it’s even nicer when there’s a sunset over the hills with fantastic light: the ideal setting to take some portraits of the bride and groom before starting dinner.

The dinner, in the internal hall of Villa San Domenico, is animated by the speech of the friends, who with much humor and emotion express their love for the couple.

The toasts continue, and the party continues with the cutting of the cake, and many dances to the rhythm of music throughout the evening. In these photos, all the beauty of the marriage in Italy of Samantha and Edoardo!

July 20, 2019