Kristine & Cliff

The Destination Wedding in Italy of a British couple: here are the photos that show Kristine & Cliff’s wedding in Asti, in the location Relais Sant’Uffizio in Cioccaro Penango.

It’s nice to welcome a couple from London to these fantastic hills, a UNESCO heritage for the wine-growing landscapes. Photographing weddings in the Langhe and in the Monferrato area is always a satisfaction because it also means getting to know people from all over the world!

Wedding ceremony at the Relais Sant’Uffizio Asti

The first moments of the day are those of the preparations. Moments of waiting, of emotion, but also of jokes, laughter, sharing of an important event in the family. The groom and the bride wear clothes in two neighboring rooms. I pass from one room to another to document the most significant moments.

The ceremony is outdoors, in the park that is located in front of the entrance to the location. Many speeches animate the celebration that unites Kristine & Cliff in marriage. And now, after the great Yes, there is a great desire to celebrate!

And while friends are heading to the aperitif area, with the couple we take some photos in the gardens of the location.

Wedding reception at the Relais Sant’Uffizio Asti

Everybody is ready for the aperitif: very good and plentiful, with preparation is in the veranda. At the table then we continue with the toast and the speeches of the friends who with their words declare all their affection for the spouses.

Then the dances with the parents, and then the cut of the cake, and then again the dances … All set in the Relais Sant’Uffizio, one of the most renowned locations for wedding in Asti, more precisely in the municipality of Cioccaro Penango.

I am very happy that these spouses have chosen this scenario and this location to celebrate their choice of love, and to celebrate with many friends. Kristine and Cliff’s Destination Wedding in Italy was a fantastic event!

September 22, 2018

Roxanne & Zach

Roxanne and Zach, from California, choose to get married in a fantastic Destination Wedding in Italy, and more precisely in the Langhe. Why just the Langhe? Because they are great wine lovers, and they choose these hills that are famous all over the world for exceptional wines.

A big thank you to wedding planner Barbara Gourdain – Extraordinary Weddings: she took care of the great event of these spouses, and turned their dream into reality. She has excellently harmonized the wedding design with the theme of wine, which has accompanied the celebrations for Roxanne and Zach from start to finish.

And for me, photographing a wedding in the Langhe is always wonderful, because these Unesco Heritage landscapes are the perfect scenario for unique images!

Destination Wedding in Italy: the Langhe and the “wine ritual”

Roxanne and Zach’s Destination Wedding in Italy takes place at Villa Beccaris, a beautiful location in Monforte d’Alba, in the heart of the Langhe of Barolo. For two spouses like them, who share a passion for the good wine, there is a particularly suitable place to join in marriage: it is the cellar where the wines are stored! So here is the appointment for all the friends who came from the United States to participate to the rite.

Their union is symbolized by the “wine ritual”: from the same glass they drink a sip, an idea simply sweet and full of meaning, for a love that – just like wine – the more the years go by, the more quality increases. I think that many couples here in Italy could “steal” this idea from Roxanne and Zach, who have found a wonderful way to say “I love you” that goes beautifully with the scenery of the Langhe. Love is joy, passion, thrill, sharing, just like wine, red like the heart and intense like the emotion for this wedding.

In fact we see many friends moved by emotions, both those present and those more distant that are close the same, because they are connected with FaceTime!

Wedding reception at Villa Beccaris, Monforte d’Alba, Langhe

The sparkles lit by friends open the way to Roxanne and Zach, who after the ceremony inaugurate the wedding reception in the halls of Villa Beccaris. Together with them we take a walk through the historic village of Monforte d’Alba, one of the most beautiful villages of the Langhe, and take lots of photos inside the Horszowski Auditorium, one of the most evocative scenery of these streets. The cover of this gallery is taken, in fact, from the shooting into the Auditorium, a small evocative amphitheater that hosts many important events and festivals in the Langhe.

And then let’s go back to Villa Beccaris, to celebrate with friends. Lots of toasts, because the wine continues to be the protagonist, and finally great dances in the cellars of the location. Outside, a passing storm sweeps away the clouds and offers a breathtaking sunset and a starry night. A dream event, a fairytale landscape, and movie emotions: it was a great pleasure to photograph the Destination Wedding in Italy of Roxanne and Zach!

July 3, 2018

Chiara & Emanuele

Chiara and Emanuele live in London, but come back to Italy to experience their most beautiful day. We are in Susa: at the Fort of Brunetta their marriage is an opportunity to see important people in their lives, and to visit Italy to many English friends. Different languages ​​and international cultures make their Italian Wedding an exciting and unforgettable event!

Wedding in Susa, Piedmont, Italy

We begin the day by photographing the preparations of Emanuele, in Almese. Then we go to the house of Chiara’s parents, here there is also grandma Raffaella, with whom she shares a tattoo on her shoulder. Under the curious eye of the dog Nora the bride wears the dress: it is a beautiful dress of bright red that harmonizes with the shoes and the bouquet… and will be recalled by roses in the pocket of the groom.

The ceremony is in the Municipality of Susa, outdoors in the courtyard, where Chiara and Emanuele come together in marriage. The band’s music greets them at the exit. Rice, petals, hugs… and immediately it is time to go to the location of the reception.

Wedding reception at the Forte della Brunetta, Susa

The Fort of Brunetta is a location that we know well and that we really like. The mountains are close and their profile is clear: an excellent scenario for photographs that differ from those we make in many other locations in Piedmont. And the sunset, what a beauty!

Already during dinner the situation is very funny: a fake waiter begins to intrigue the guests with his magic numbers. Chiara and Emanuele read their thanksgiving speech to the guests who came to share this very important day: a truly exciting moment, for both spouses and friends.

Finally, with music and dances, it is a great party. A magical evening that is the perfect continuation for Chiara and Emanuele’s fantastic Italian Wedding!

June 30, 2018

Erica & Stephen

A fabulous place: the Castello di Bagnolo, ideal for an outdoor wedding, especially on bright days at the end of June, when spring becomes summer. The bride and groom are Erica and Stephen, she Italian and he is American: an “international” wedding with guests from all over the world. A big thank you to Roberta Cavaliere Wedding Planner for the excellent care in organizing this event!

Outdoor wedding ceremony, between the gardens and the castle

The love story of Erica and Stephen is beautiful. They are known during her trip to America, in an ecovillage in the Missouri countryside, the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. And today, on their wedding day, he is coming to Italy. Erica and Stephen in this special event have around him many friends, Italian and English words mingle in a party that will grow until the evening.

Here we are in the gardens of the Castle, where everything is set up to perfection, and the musicians of the Paranza del Geco create the atmosphere. The ceremony is in two languages, with many speeches that add emotion and intensity to the event. Erica and Stephen join in marriage with the sand ritual, and exchange the hand-built rings, that lie on twigs woven like a nest. The song “Home” by Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros, sung by everyone, seals this unforgettable moment!

Wedding reception at the Castello di Bagnolo, Italy

So many soap bubbles to celebrate the union of Erica and Stephen, and then a short walk to the place where the reception is set up, in a truly enchanting panoramic position. Celebrating the wedding at Castello di Bagnolo, Italy, means being in a location that also offers many ideas for beautiful portraits, and when the sun sets is the right time to steal for a few minutes the couple at the reception, and take lots of photos with the beautiful scenery of the Castle.

The dinner starts with other parents’ speeches, and then the party takes off. Launch of the bouquet, cutting of the cake, lots of dances: everything takes place outdoors, under the stars. The “take away” photos that we print on the moment give to all the guests a memory of this magical event. And as we know, the photos have no language, they have no boundaries and they do not even have time limits: they will keep forever the emotions of the fantastic marriage of Erica and Stephen.

June 20, 2018