Sati & Stefano

Ladies & Gentlemen, here we have the photos of a fairytale event: Sati Kazanova & Stefano Tiozzo’s Wedding!

The event is set in the beautiful Langhe, World Heritage Site in Northern Italy. The venue is Antico Podere Tota Virginia, in Serralunga d’Alba.

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I decided to include here some phrases from their marriage promises: that’s the best way to tell their wonderful love story.

SATI: I promise to be less extravagant and to manage our savings wisely, without exaggerating with shopping and frivolous…

STEFANO: I promise to lift you out of this promise because you respect your work, your duty, that you could not do so well if you were not so extravagant…

The photos of Sati & Stefano’s Wedding

She is a famous singer and popstar in Russia. He is also a musician (I know him from the time he used to play in the Baroque rock band) but he is known around the world as a travel photographer. You find on his website many amazing photos. In short, it is immense pleasure to photograph this “Celebrity Wedding”.

I know Stefano since University, since I started to practice photography and especially travel photography. Even then, the aurora borealis of Stefano colored the desks of all those who would sooner or later dream of traveling with him in Northern Europe. Destiny has brought me to Iceland to see one of the most beautiful aurora of my life, in the glacial lagoon of Jökulsárlón with him.

Years later, here I am to photograph his marriage: what great experiences and surprises fill our lives!

STEFANO: I also promise to be ordered, to fold my clothes without endless stacks on the chairs, without letting them go home, so as not to hurt your feelings…

SATI: I promise to have patience whenever you will not keep this promise, and count at least 10 before expressing my dissent…

Sati and Stefano: united by music and…

Yes, surprises never end and Stefano is one of those who always plays with unpredictability. Solar, overwhelming, charismatic, a forge of ideas. When he called me to tell me that he would marry Russian popstar Sati Kazanova, for a moment I thought it was a joke. After the first stories, the only thing I could say was a great WOW!

SATI: I promise to do my best to be happy with my strength, and never to demand from you the responsibility to make me happy…

STEFANO: I promise to do my best, to use every resource I have and every energy for your joy and happiness…

Stefano knows Sati Kazanova at the wedding of his brother, Cristiano. On that occasion Stefano had my own role: the wedding photographer. Since Stefano has come into contact with Sati, a series of special signals have attracted each other… Coincidences. Dreams. Signs of fate!

They met again during a party and with an excuse they exchanged the numbers. In the following weeks, a great love was born. It was so great that they already fell in love with each other before the first date…

SATI: I promise to respect your travels, your duty, though you will be away for many weeks, and even if you miss me. I promise instead to support you and inspire you for the rest of our lives together…

STEFANO: I promise to support, encourage and, where necessary, participate in any of your artistic projects, even if these should take you away, and even if it is painful not to be close to you…

Celebrity Wedding in Langhe

Stefano comes from a Christian family, and Sati comes from a region of Muslim Russia. Being difficult to join these cultures and all relatives in a single ceremony, they decide to celebrate different moments with their traditions: four events that are set around the world. The culmination of these events is the European style wedding here in the Langhe, in Serralunga d’Alba.

His brother Christian and his wife Marina are fundamental in the wedding ritual: he celebrates the symbolic ritual, while she translates it into Russian… thus rejoicing the favor of that magical event in which Stefano, making the photographer of their marriage, met Sati!

SATI: I promise to consider all the members of your family, and your friends, as if they were mine, and as people to me very much, and to always be kind to them.

STEFANO: I promise to accept the culture, traditions and customs of your family, as are my own, so that our union brings joy and harmony to both of our families.

There is a magical sunset, the ritual is exciting and overwhelming, and the festive and joyful feast of traditions like never before. Sati sings three songs accompanied by Stefano. What an enchanting moment!

In addition, the location is magnificent: we have repeatedly reported the Antico Podere Tota Virginia among our favorite restaurants in Piedmont, and the background of the hills and the Castle of Serralunga d’Alba is an amazing landscapes.

Sati Kazanova & Stefano Tiozzo: an unforgettable wedding!

It is a great honor and immense pleasure to photograph the Sati Kazanova Stefano Tiozzo’s wedding, of course. I’m still putting together the great emotions I’ve been accompanying on this day. Surely it will remain unforgettable in my memory and in that of all the friends present.

And to make them even more unforgettable this wedding will take photos!

In this reception so elegant, we almost forget that this event is followed by hundreds of millions of people on the planet. Since this event has a huge resonance in Russia, there is also the Moscow TV.

SATI: I promise to love you every day as you are without trying to change you…

STEFANO: I promise to improve myself every day, in the name of the sincere love I have for you, and why do you deserve me to do everything to be a little more perfect every day for you…

This great love combined with music, travel and beauty is a fable that is great to tell with photos.

Good future and до свидания! (Goodbye)

October 22, 2017

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Kate & Aki

She is from England, he is from Japan. Love has no boundaries and Kate and Aki are the demonstration. No boundaries even for the location of the wedding. The bride and the groom choose to celebrate in Italy, and come to Mombaruzzo La Villa for a fabulous destination wedding in the fantastic Monferrato.

Ladies & gentlemen, these are the photos of the great event!

Preparations and wedding ceremony in the location

The whole wedding takes place in this location that we know very well and we love more and more. Chris and Nicola, that manage this venue, make us find a great setting (as always!) and the atmosphere is exactly how to feel at home.

Aki prepares with his friends. And Kate, while wearing the dress, has the company of the little baby boy who will be the most pampered this day.

Today the weather is a bit rainy. So there is the indoor solution, in an intimate and collected environment, which makes the atmosphere even more magical. Kate and Aki say Yes among the general emotion!

Wedding Reception at Mombaruzzo La Villa

The evening party begins between the thousand lights of the courtyard of Hotel La Villa. The magic of this corner of paradise at Mombaruzzo, in the Unesco heritage Monferrato, accompanies the great event of Kate and Aki.

So many languages, so many cultures, so many different nationalities. It’s nice to think how love between two boys can fly over any barrier.

Let’s listen to the speeches: the guests tell their memories of the love story of these guys! And then there are dances all night long. The photos of this gorgeous couple is to keep forever all the emotions from the beginning to the end of this memorable experience.

A great greeting to Kate and Aki. We hope they will keep a wonderful memory of Italy and the hills of Piedmont … and come back soon!

September 9, 2017

Georgie & Saman

Getting married in Tuscany: when you think of a dream wedding, this is the first place that comes to mind for a magic destination wedding in Italy. Georgie and Saman, who dreamed of a special and unforgettable event, chose a fabulous location for their wedding: that is the Castello di Bibbione.

We also have the video trailer: take a look!


Find a Wedding Photographer in Tuscany

I am very proud of how this English couple chose me for their great event. The bride has been very impressed by my photos to another English couple that they know, Ellie and Bobby (they married in the beautiful hills of our Monferrato a year ago). What to say? It is a great honor and pleasure to have been chosen for their wedding – a really magic event, in a dream location.

And here’s the fabulous wedding destination in Tuscany by Georgie and Saman, two beautiful English guys who love to travel and make new experiences around the world!

Castello di Bibbione Wedding

Ready for preparations? Before dressing, the groom and friends make a dip in the pool. The bride, in the rooms of the Castle, is wearing the dress, with the help of her bridesmaids.

Castello di Bibbione is an enchanting location for a wedding, and that of these guys is really exciting. During the ceremony, many friends and relatives make their speech. And a couple of friends accompany it all with songs for voice and ukulele.

Now it is time to start the party of this wedding destination in Italy. First of all, I would like to thank Catering L’Oste Gentiluomo for the excellent quality. Then, aperitif with speeches and toasts, outdoor dining under the castle lights, and dancing all night long with lots of limbo… What a party!

The gallery concludes with pictures of the magic unforgettable party of Georgie and Saman’s Wedding in Italy!

September 2, 2017

Priscilla & Sven

Priscilla and Sven are two guys who come from Switzerland to get married at Hotel La Villa in Mombaruzzo, a perfect place for a destination wedding in Italy. It is with great pleasure that we photograph their wedding. It is a very intense and exciting event, and probably the beauty of the location contributes to all this magical atmosphere. We know very well the Hotel La Villa in Mombaruzzo, managed by a wonderful couple: Chris and Nicola!

Destination Wedding in Mombaruzzo

The Destination Wedding in Mombaruzzo of Priscilla and Sven is at the end of August, a very favorable period, because the summer heat begins to be more gentle, and the Monferrato hills are amazing.

Sven prepares himself with his best man. Priscilla wears her dress, and she also dresses her little and beautiful little girl!

Then comes the great moment. The wedding ceremony is on the terrace, Priscilla and Sven celebrate their marriage, there are many friends enjoying this moment.

Wedding party at Hotel La Villa!

The party continues with the aperitif in the court and dinner in the garden. For the portraits we move to the vineyards behind Fontanile, another characteristic village in which we have been many times. Then we return to location: there is a really magical sunset that I do not want to let go. And Priscilla and Sven’s photo cover photo is just under the fabulous sunlight that falls behind the Mombaruzzo hills.

The bride and the groom open the dances. The party starts under the lights of Hotel La Villa, and goes on until the night goes by. What a party!

It’s really a joy to photograph the beautiful Destination Wedding in Mombaruzzo of Sven and Priscilla. I’m sure they will keep a special memory of Italy. And these photos would like to make this memory even more beautiful!

August 26, 2017