Old Church of Santa Maria, Belgirate

Here we are at the Old Church of Santa Maria in Belgirate. It is a place that has a wonderful view of Lake Maggiore, perched on a hill.

We have been to this frame several times, on the Piedmont side of the lake, and hope to return as soon as possible.

On this page there is a selection of wedding photos celebrated in this long history building and great charm. Good vision!

Some info about the Old Church of Santa Maria, Belgirate

The last part of the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore goes from Belgirate to Castelletto Ticino, and possesses a variety of places of artistic and cultural interest. The little Romanesque church of Santa Maria in Belgirate is a fine example. In a dominating position above the town, it dates from the 12th century…

(Source: site illagomaggiore.it)