Concetta & Francis

Today is the day of Concetta and Francis. She is Italian, he is Spanish from Malaga, they live in London but they want to spend in Turin their Great Day!

We start this hot and sunny Saturday of Summer by photographing the preparations of the bride and the groom. The center of the city is the scenery of the first part of their wedding.

We are near the river Po: in the San Massimo Church Concetta and Francis say their Yes! After the ceremony we go to the most suggestive places of the city to take portraits: Piazza Vittorio, Gran Madre, Monte dei Cappuccini, Murazzi…

Then we go up to the hills, the destination is Villa Les Rêves, in Chieri: this is the location of the reception. A beautiful sunset, a lot of games in the evening, the cut of the cake and a kiss under the stars… Concetta & Francis will come back in England with a wonderful memory of their Italian Wedding!

July 9, 2016

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