Roxanne & Zach

Roxanne and Zach, from California, choose to get married in a fantastic Destination Wedding in Italy, and more precisely in the Langhe. Why just the Langhe? Because they are great wine lovers, and they choose these hills that are famous all over the world for exceptional wines.

A big thank you to wedding planner Barbara Gourdain – Extraordinary Weddings: she took care of the great event of these spouses, and turned their dream into reality. She has excellently harmonized the wedding design with the theme of wine, which has accompanied the celebrations for Roxanne and Zach from start to finish.

And for me, photographing a wedding in the Langhe is always wonderful, because these Unesco Heritage landscapes are the perfect scenario for unique images!

Destination Wedding in Italy: the Langhe and the “wine ritual”

Roxanne and Zach’s Destination Wedding in Italy takes place at Villa Beccaris, a beautiful location in Monforte d’Alba, in the heart of the Langhe of Barolo. For two spouses like them, who share a passion for the good wine, there is a particularly suitable place to join in marriage: it is the cellar where the wines are stored! So here is the appointment for all the friends who came from the United States to participate to the rite.

Their union is symbolized by the “wine ritual”: from the same glass they drink a sip, an idea simply sweet and full of meaning, for a love that – just like wine – the more the years go by, the more quality increases. I think that many couples here in Italy could “steal” this idea from Roxanne and Zach, who have found a wonderful way to say “I love you” that goes beautifully with the scenery of the Langhe. Love is joy, passion, thrill, sharing, just like wine, red like the heart and intense like the emotion for this wedding.

In fact we see many friends moved by emotions, both those present and those more distant that are close the same, because they are connected with FaceTime!

Wedding reception at Villa Beccaris, Monforte d’Alba, Langhe

The sparkles lit by friends open the way to Roxanne and Zach, who after the ceremony inaugurate the wedding reception in the halls of Villa Beccaris. Together with them we take a walk through the historic village of Monforte d’Alba, one of the most beautiful villages of the Langhe, and take lots of photos inside the Horszowski Auditorium, one of the most evocative scenery of these streets. The cover of this gallery is taken, in fact, from the shooting into the Auditorium, a small evocative amphitheater that hosts many important events and festivals in the Langhe.

And then let’s go back to Villa Beccaris, to celebrate with friends. Lots of toasts, because the wine continues to be the protagonist, and finally great dances in the cellars of the location. Outside, a passing storm sweeps away the clouds and offers a breathtaking sunset and a starry night. A dream event, a fairytale landscape, and movie emotions: it was a great pleasure to photograph the Destination Wedding in Italy of Roxanne and Zach!

July 3, 2018

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