Ellie & Bobby

A wonderful English couple get married on the hills of high Monferrato!

British Ellie & Bobby had a great idea: a Destination Wedding in Fontanile, Italy, with a lot of friends and relatives to celebrate with them.

Ellie prepare in La Villa Hotel, Mombaruzzo, with two hairdressers, her bridesmaids, and her twin sister Victoria. Her father comes to the room to see her beautiful daughter: it is a moment full of intense emotions. An old Fiat 500 waits for Ellie and her father to bring them to the place of the ceremony: Fontanile.

Bobby is very close, in a house with his friends. It’s time to take the road to the church: the brave boys go by foot, it is a quite long walk but there is nothing too hard for them!

The Wedding in Fontanile is ready to start…

The monumental Church of Fontanile is a well-known touristic destination. The ushers in frac help people to take place, the boxes full of bottles of cool water help to fight the thirst, everything is ready to start the celebration. The entrance of Ellie, enchanting beauty, is a magic moment. She and Bobby are ready for the big “Yes”.

The priest doesn’t speak English… but a guest helps to translate! Bridesmaids cry, ushers have a laugh, everybody has his way to join the marriage, but the collective feeling is a big big joy for this wonderful couple!

Out of the Church, a lot of cheers greet the bride and the groom. The wind blows an intense smell of lavender through the whole square, the bridesmaids’ dresses flutter, everybody wants to party.

So welcome to the party in the groom’s house!

While we are in the vineyards of the Monferrato hills to take portraits to the bride and the groom, guests wearing red heart-glasses prepare a funny welcome to Ellie & Billy. The weather is unusual for Italy but probably not so much for UK: a fast rain, then a beautiful sunshine.

The dinner is always the perfect moment for the speeches. Thanks to the guests and the relatives we know very funny details on groom’s youth! After curating the organization of this event, the staff of Hotel La Villa provide the catering for the banquet: excellent cooking and fantastic atmosphere.

When the evening comes it is time to go to the dancefloor, and we end our reportage with the photos of the dance. Then ice cream for everybody… and congrats to the wonderful Ellie & Bobby!

July 2, 2016


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