Alessio Zanfini Photographer

Alessio Zanfini, quoting the great photographer Henry Cartier Bresson, when he shots pictures he puts on the same line head, heart and eyes.

He’s a nice boy, who’s able to establish with the couples a friendly and joyful relationship which is a fundamental ingradient for the his blilliant shots.

Alessio is born as a travel photographer, and it is his curiosity and passion to document places and people that brings him closer to the universe of colour and shapes of photography.

His passion for traveling is still intact, but since 2009 his interest gets closer to portrait and wedding photography, collaborating with a newly born JoyPhotographers and learning with passion an modesty to manage the art of shooting the big day, bringing home great shots.

Alessio is born in 1984, he lives in Moncalieri, near Torino.

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