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Davide Muroni often would like to be somewhere else, but when he’s up to photography this never happens.

During a trip to Tibet many years ago, perhaps because the thin air for the high altitude, Davide clearly realizes that taking photographs makes him happy like few other things can.

From that moment forward brings passion to the next level, he exercises like crazy and began to study the masters of photography past and present ones.

He uses his observational skills to hone his photographic style and improve its sensitivity.

Davide became then so passionate about the wedding, that in 2008 he founded together with Stefano Serra JoyPhotographers the study, with a desire to bring new ideas and fresh in the ceremony photography.

These are the years in which they are becoming popular new photographic styles in marriage, that go beyond the classic journalistic reportage photos.

New styles combine creativity and ability to grasp the salient moments in images that break the patterns of wedding photography. JoyPhotographers carries on this creative trend pioneered in Italy and he interprets

Undisputed idol of the time is a photographer from San Francisco, Ben Chrisman, which still is a source of great inspiration: www.chrismanstudios.com. We all have to a lot to Ben Chrisman …

Along with JoyPhotographers, Davide carries on his life with Tamara, and now there are three beautiful children: little Emma going to end primary school, and then there are two wonderful twins, Luke and Lara, ranging from nursery and they have fun like crazy!

In his spare time Davide likes to do sports, especially figure skating in Emma’s company, then snowboarding, mountain biking and swimming.

Davide Muroni was born in Turin in 1976, where he lived until recently and where he works. Now he lives in the tranquility of Druento, a small town in the first belt near the park of La Mandria.


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