Rainer & Stefan

These are the photos of the wedding of Rainer and Stefan, two Swiss boys, a beautiful gay destination wedding in Mombaruzzo, Italy!

The location is one of those we love most: the Hotel La Villa in Mombaruzzo. Here comes a wonderful weekend in the hills of Monferrato, and the photos you see will make their destination wedding even more unforgettable.

First day: pizza party!

On the first day we start with a visit to the most characteristic places in the area, such as the Distilleria Berta, which gives us an opportunity for a great tasting. It is a summer afternoon with the blue sky, clear air and a shining sun. In short, a typically “Italian” climate.

And to make even more “Italian” this start of party, what better than a nice pizza? The evening before the wedding is a beautiful party with pizza, ice cream, music and dancing, everything under the stars!

Second day: wedding in Hotel La Villa, Mombaruzzo

Here we are ready for the great event: today is the day of Rainer and Stefan’s marriage. During the day, we visit the Prosecco Contratto producer site, with its wonderful caves where the grapes are fermented and which are UNESCO heritage.

The ceremony is outdoors on the location terrace overlooking the Monferrato. And then the party begins again!

For the first time, at Hotel La Villa in Mombaruzzo, we see a nice novelty in the outfits. The tables are all set around the pool. What a glimpse! This great solution gives us the opportunity to thank Chris and Nicola, that manage the location, for ideas, organization and great taste.

A beautiful gay destination wedding in Mombaruzzo, Italy

As the reception continues under a beautiful moon, we take some portraits to the boys on the roof. Meanwhile, live music begins, played by a German musician who is also a well-known TV star in Germany. I must say that the weddings in this “international” corner of the Monferrato always have a special atmosphere, which is also felt in the photos.

Photographers working in Switzerland and Germany are much more accustomed than Italians to photograph gay wedding. So I have to thank Rainer and Stefan for this too: they have given me the opportunity to document an event that is still uncommon in Italy. But what matters most, as you can see, is that they are an extraordinary couple!

August 5, 2017

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