Frequently Asked Questions

How and when did you start photographing weddings?

Stefano begins photographing weddings at the age of 20 in the late 1996 when there were still medium sized hasselblads, films and external displays.

Davide Muroni started in 2004 with Stefano and volunteering to photograph the weddings of all his friends.

In 2008, David and Stefano founded JoyPhotographers to have the freedom to develop their own photographic vision and propose a new photographic style for couples who want a different wedding day’s reminder than classic services.

Between 2009 and 2011, team members Alessio Zanfini, Davide Longo and Davide Dusnasco who are very enthusiastic about our ideas and assistants are becoming first and foremost reliable and independent photographers.

The passion for photography and the enthusiasm of attending a special holiday day brings us together in our work.

What is your style?

We specialize in creative wedding photography.

The basic approach is the documentary story: we tell the story of the wedding day with natural and spontaneous images without interfering with the day’s progress.

But a wedding for us is not complete without the couple portraits and the family photos.

In every situation we use our extras to create unique images that bring together beauty, emotion and evocative power!

How do you relate to the spouses?

We are quiet people in life and work, so we have no interest in lurking around us on your wedding day!

Our presence is discreet and let the spouses live their day by giving directions only during group photos and during portraits.

We are aware of the embarrassment you sometimes try to make when you are not used: on your wedding day you will see in a friendly light and you will be comfortable, we can assure you.

How do we get involved?

Contact us using the contact form on the contact page by specifying the place and date of your marriage and your references: we will reply promptly.

We can then organize a meeting at the studio or if you are away we can hear you by phone or using skype.

Do you also move out of Piedmont?

Yes, we work throughout Italy and eventually abroad.

Do the service just shots?

Yes, we also make the service just shots containing postproduction of a number of images.

How many photographers will I have at my wedding?

We are always in two: photographer + assistant. In case you choose to do the video count two other people, in total we will be four.

Do you attend lunch / bridal dinner?

Yes. While engaged in photographing the events of the party, it is a pleasure for us to sit in a table devoted to us and to participate, albeit fast, at the meal.

When will we see our photographs?

15 days after your wedding the specimens will be available on a private webgallery.

How is our book created?

We also use interactive webgallery to build to translate your feedback and build the book together.

What do you give us when the job is over?

All the shots made on DVD, the album and any albums for parents and all post-production shots.