Collaborators and assistants

Many photographers ask us to collaborate with us, usually as assistants to the wedding photographer.

Some – we must say – are already very good.

Others are less, but they can become it.

Everyone lacks a passport: to become true professionals.

Professionals do not just mean that they are paid.

Professionals means they have the knowledge and experience that allows them to perform excellent work even in difficult situations. It means getting up from the bed with an idea for a photo, going to sleep with one hundred photos per hundred photos. It means they do not feel “already learned” but want to improve and improve always.

“Between Saying and Making …”

Are you one who knows how to follow a long-term project or are you one who surrenders to the first difficulties?

This difference is very important.

We have also experienced it, on our skin, since we began to craft wedding photographers. Which assistants can we trust and offer training, and on what are we uncertain?

Not enough talent to become a professional. There is a need to do much more. Managing Customers. Know to behave. Promote the right way. Technically improve because the modes go, the tastes change and the more sophisticated technologies alternate continuously. There is so much to learn from the work that others do – whether they are wedding planners, florists, DJs …

Some professionals today have passed by our JoySchool.

For some years now we have our school in which we teach the profession and the secrets of wedding photography to the kids who are in the mind of becoming professionals.

In a nutshell, JoySchool photographers improve exponentially and have the chance to start taking a field with a professional approach.

Some of them have used it to acquire knowledge to increase their business.

Others have become our co-workers, joining our team.

Still others simply stopped: they realized that it was not their way. We do not hide it: this also happens!

But how do you really learn?

Doing so sometimes the assistant to a wedding photographer is not enough.


“… To become a wedding photographer is not enough to do some service at some friends ceremony and have a reflex and new flaming goals. You need to train the eye and the mind, as well as the physicist, and you must use all the energies available on the wedding day! JoySchool prepares all this with theoretical and complete lessons with the practice of what has been said, to face the great JoyPhotographers day … “

This is what our Martina tells us, who started his career with our JoySchool, then made the assistant with us, and finally got the first weddings from the first photographer. To get a better idea, you can read her complete testimony. Ever since he started collaborating, we are now asking him for ever greater work engagement.

Obviously, we do not guarantee such a thing. But if you show me pretty good … đŸ™‚

We are about to start JoySchool 2017.

We’ve published all the information on 2017: go here and follow the instructions to sign up!

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