Ariane & Yves

August at La Villa Hotel Mombaruzzo: a pleasant tradition for us wedding photographers. Why? Because it is the season of the year when many foreign couples come to the hills of Monferrato to celebrate their destination wedding in Italy. In fact today we are with Ariane and Yves, a beautiful Swiss couple.

Marriage ceremony in the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, Mombaruzzo

Ariane and Yves choose to celebrate their marriage in the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, in Mombaruzzo.

It’s a very nice place, and the ceremony is full of emotions. And now it is time to party!

Wedding at La Villa Hotel Mombaruzzo

Whenever we return to La Villa Hotel Mombaruzzo it is a great pleasure to find Chris and Nicola. That’s the English couple who manages this location in a really great way, making all the foreign newlyweds feel at home celebrating here. We also feel at home: we have been in the location for photographing weddings for years and we always find everything perfect.

Ariane and Yves are beautiful from all points of view: model beauty, of course, but that’s a real marriage! To photograph these couple we find new points of view in the outdoors of the location. And of course we also take the picture that is for us the “classic” when we are at La Villa Hotel Mombaruzzo: the spouses by the pool.

These guys have with them their company of friends, which between speeches and games and jokes makes even more fun the wedding day. The groom’s best man is a well-known entertainer in Switzerland (Claudio Rudin) and we enjoy his performance during the party! In short, that is a destination wedding in Italy that is a fantastic event in the summer holidays of Ariane & Yves’ friends. Photographing this marriage is a great Joy!

August 18, 2017

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