Luciana & Eoghan

At La Villa Hotel in Mombaruzzo it is a warm sunny day, it would be very nice to take a nice dip in the pool of the location, but there is an event to photograph: it is the wedding in Italy of Luciana and Eoghan!

The best solution to not feel the heat is to immerse yourself completely in the beautiful and festive atmosphere created on this wedding day. And then let’s get started.

Outdoor ceremony in the garden of the location

It is always a great pleasure to meet Nicola, owner of the location, whom we recently interviewed to let us say more about the Hotel La Villa. A location that is very successful among foreign couples who get married in Italy. In the case of this event, Luciana & Eoghan met in Australia and live in Ireland, and they decided to set the wedding in Italy where she spent many years.

And after the respective preparations of the spouses, let’s get to the heart of the day: Luciana & Eoghan join in an outdoor wedding, in front of the spectacle of the Monferrato hills. Now all that remains is to celebrate!

Wedding reception at the La Villa Hotel in Mombaruzzo

The sun slowly descends behind the horizon, the magic of the stars lights up, the thousand lights set up between the tables light up. The toasts are coming, it is a lively and very pleasant dinner. We take many photos that tell of these moments of joy and sharing up to the ritual moment of cutting the cake.

And then the music rises, the groom joins the band to sing, the bride and the guests dance and move all night long. An exceptional day, which these photos have the task of remembering in all its beauty: best wishes Luciana and Eoghan!

July 16, 2022

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