Maria & Reto

Many travels, different places, and a magic date that became the connection of their lives. She is from Turin, he is from Zurich, they live together in England. Maria and Reto choose to marry in her city, sharing their special event with guests that came from all over the world: Australia, United States, the whole Europe…

The wedding day started in Pecetto, “the town of the cherries”, that stands on Turin’s hills. The municipal building is an old elegant house, surrounded by gardens, where the marriage was celebrated. The weather was very good, we placed table and chairs so that the we could take advantage from the sun position in the best way. The mayor was very kind and helpful and helped us to prepare the set of the celebration, and finally delcared Maria and Reto husband and wife. Smiles, teardrops, applause: emotions don’t have language or nationality, and when a wonderful couple like this get married, just look at the crowd of guests and you can guess how much they are glad for their friends.

After some group shots, we went to party in prestigious Villa Sassi. We had a gourmet meal cooked by Stratta Catering, in the presence of the director Gattuso. Toasts were made with selections of extraordinary wines, and a cheerful mood surrounded the newlyweds; everybody was enchanted by Maria’s beauty, and nobody forgot Reto’s touching speech, that he spoke in three languages (Italian, German and English). A funny game made friends play and laugh together: they had to answers to some questions about the couple… and so, they could know them much better! Then, music and dance with Paolo Serazzi, that in the end of the party improvised with voice and guitar many songs that guests asked!

Newlyweds will now get back in England, where they live. Guests will get back in their countries. But our city will be the memory of the joyful party that celebrated Maria and Reto in the most important day of their love story, an unforgettable day!

May 2, 2015

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