Davide Dusnasco’s Weddings

Davide Dusnasco has the freshness in the vision, and the ability to find amazing strides that, while being well contextualized in marriage, nicely disrupt the schemes.

His presence on the wedding day is extremely discreet: he is always on the front line so he does not get lost for a moment, but like all JoyPhotographers photographers is not invasive and does not interfere with the day’s running.

Davide captures moments of the day all the time, capturing the events in significant images, but does not disdain the group photos if asked and in the terms that the bride and groom are asking for, Davide loves making creative portraits in the JoyPhotographers style.

Davide uses Canon and Fuji, his favorite optics are the 24mm 1.4 Canon and the 56 1.2 Fuji. External Flashs used creatively, never directed on subjects.