Davide Longo’s Weddings

Davide’s shots can tell emotionally and freshly about the wedding day, his style is elegant, but informal and cheerful.

Davide is really very discreet on the day of the wedding, in many ways it is difficult to see his presence, but he is attentive and knows how to handle the most difficult situations with firmness and great cold blood.

David loves photographing the moments of preparation, creating images of details with great craftsmanship. But he does not dislike rite photos, and like all JoyPhotographers photographers, Davide likes to portray the portraits in the measure and in the times agreed with the bride and groom.

David uses Nikon, his favorite optics are the 24mm 1.4, the 50mm 1.4 and the 85mm 1.4. Flash used creatively in off-shoe and never in fronts on subjects.