Marco Campeotto’s Weddings

Marco Campeotto – aka Otto đŸ™‚ – is always present and attentive to the situation, and you can be sure that if something nice and interesting happens in the wedding, that something will be in his photos. Marco works with Nikon, prefers the use of the 24mm wideangle that associates with 50mm and 85mm for portraits.

Like all JoyPhotographers photographers, Marco Campeotto’s equipment is always backed up to ensure the safety of images even in the event of technical problems.

The experience of portraits at parties and parties in Turin has made him a very experienced photographer in immortalizing moments of fun and dances that interprets with natural light and flash off-camera.

Marco’s marriages, like those of all our photographers, make use of the telescopic boom to take photographs from a higher angle, so set in the landscape at its best and with a truly spectacular effect.

Otto’s energy is absolutely palpable in his photographs, which speak for themselves.