Paolo Properzi’s Weddings

Paolo’s photos enclose the experience of a photographer who has been confronted with different genres of photography, from fashion, to fashion, from reportage to stage photography. Paolo knows how to grasp the moment and is well aware of how important it is. He snaps with Canon and uses only the best, the flagship of the Japanese house, a real monster, the 1Dx for awesome speeds and exceptional quality files.

As we all love to photograph with the aid of the auction, it does not dislike the use of the mirrorless and knows how to use the artificial light both continually and with the use of the triggers.

Paolo Properzi has an attentive and very trained eye, who can see beyond the common compositions and makes it magical and original every situation. The speed in reading the light and the interpretation of the situation are its strong points. Paolo uses Canon, but fixed optical zoom often, as befits an adventure photographers!