Paula & Mario

Mombaruzzo is not a classic crossing point, with motorway, tourist attractions, crowded weekends…

Mombaruzzo is an enchanting corner of Monferrato’s country where you arrive after many kilometers of narrow roads, and its incomparable charm comes from the intimate mood, the amazing landscapes, the nature that get along perfectly with human presence.

There is no better place where the Swiss Paula and Mario could bring their friends for a wonderful destination wedding. There is no better day than this Saturday of late July, with the sunshine that intensifies the beauty of the Monferrato’s hills.

We arrive at the location, Hotel La Villa, it’s time to start. I take photos of bride’s preparation, Paolo does the same with the groom. The couple has a son, Otis, he is 2 and is very relaxed as their parents!

But strong emotions are coming. The ceremony is outdoor, in the garden in the center of the estate. The parents can’t keep their tears of joy, beacuse for Paula and Mario it is the most important moment of their love story!

So everybody is ready to party, and during the buffet many relatives join with their speeches. The Mario’s words of gratitude are finally the start of the dinner, it is an extraordinary scene because we have the sunset on the background. Magic light, intense emotions, spectacular location… “what else”?

There is a corner where guests can take photos with funny objects and accessories. Soon the people bring these objects on the dancefloor, and the dance become a very amusing conclusion of the party and our reportage.

We took also some portraits of the newlyweds, in the vineyards, before the sunset. One of these become the cover of this selection, to remember Paula e Mario of that beautiful corner of Piedmont that was the scenery of their fantastic wedding!

July 30, 2016

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