Davide Muroni, photographer and co-founder of JoyPhotographers with Stefano.

Passionate about yoga and Eastern philosophies, he loves outdoor life and physical exercise. He has three children: Emma, Lara, and Luca.

Where did your passion for photography come from?

I have always had a keen interest in visual arts. Since I was young, drawing was my passion. Later, photography came into my life: during my travels to Tibet and India, I felt a strong desire to tell the stories and the people I encountered in these extraordinary and distant places. This desire has never left me.

…and so you started working as a photographer.

Yes. It was a passion that demanded more and more space in my life. I asked Stefano Serra, who had been working as a photographer for a long time, for advice. I learned wedding photography by following him as an assistant. Together, we then founded JoyPhotographers: the rest is history!

davide muroni

What is the fundamental characteristic of a good photo shoot?

The pursuit of beauty. It is the challenge for every photographer: to create images that are new, creative, and never seen before. Images that have the ability to captivate both the eye and the heart. I seek beauty in situations, in emotions, in portraits. I want to show it in images that stand out, that are capable of surprising even me first.

What do couples appreciate in your work?

During the wedding, my goal is to interpret situations to bring out pleasant yet creative images. The couples know this! And in the photos of their event, they relive their big day in pictures that highlight the most beautiful emotions, with a consistent style and original points of view.

Tell us about your equipment.

I use Canon mirrorless cameras with fixed lenses used at full aperture. And then a pole, off-camera flash, and many different lights and little lights – the bag is always full!

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