Luca Ferrato, videomaker. Alongside his work, he volunteers with the Fire Department. He has been practicing calisthenics for years. He has always been a pillar of JoyPhotographers.

How did you become passionate about photography and video?

It seems incredible, but photography was an accidental discovery for me. I was studying International and Diplomatic Sciences, but soon found myself working on short film sets; from that moment on, I never stopped dedicating myself to video in all its forms. I went to London to refine my skills as a director of photography; I went to France to study screenwriting. Then I returned to Italy to work at Rai… and to pass my French exam! Finally, to graduate. Today, I have eight films to my credit, almost all as a director of photography.

Tell us how you approach wedding videos.

I’ll answer with a paradox: the video must be “constructed spontaneously.” Many use the word “reportage,” but in cinema, it means something else; in weddings, the secret is to create the right feeling to make beautiful things happen spontaneously.

What do couples usually look for in a video?

First of all, the important thing is that it’s not “boring”! In general, you have to try to have fun and make others have fun. For example, even when it rains, it’s important to make a joke about it and not face the day with dread. This is ideal for experiencing the event in the best way – for both the couple and their loved ones – and this positive feeling will naturally be conveyed in the video. A video that, let’s remember, can last for many years: we videographers have a great responsibility when creating it.

What is essential in your equipment?

The 50mm lens, “the nifty fifty” as I call it, must always be there, because it can create interesting and beautiful shots. Always have it within reach.

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