Mombaruzzo is a small town we love because there is Hotel La Villa, a wonderful location for weddings where a lot of foreign couple set their Italian Destination Wedding!

We are in Monferrato, one of the most beautiful regions in Northern Italy. And in this page you find a selection of photos that we took here.

Infos about Mombaruzzo

This small town located between two hills has a spectacular panorama and the feel of another time. A walk through Mombaruzzo means strolling up and down steep, narrow streets among ancient palazzos with Renaissance main doors and coming upon artistically rich places such as the little square in the old cemetery opposite the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, an imposing Romanesque structure that has since been worked on many times. The medieval Civic Tower (Torre Civica) dominates the oldest part of the town. Mombaruzzo is also known for its specialty, amaretto cookies, which are made and packaged by local cookie makers following the ancient recipe still today.


Wedding videos in La Villa Hotel, Mombaruzzo

We show you the trailer of a wedding video that we realized in the wedding location La Villa Hotel. Visit our Youtube Channel to get more inspiration!