“…Ricordi quelle sere passate al Valentino, col biondo studentino che ti stringeva sul cuor…”

(Piemontesina Bella)

Also one of the best-known traditional songs of Turin indicates the Valentino Park as the typical place where lovers meet. It’s certainly one of the most romantic locations in the city, perfect for the setting of your wedding: the medieval town (reproduction built in the fifteenth-century style) is a classy backdrop for a photo shoot, for people wishing to get married in a civil ceremony is also possible to celebrate on-site, and there are many ideas for a memorable reception on the River Po, from a selected banquet at restaurants on boats, to a wild party in rowing circles …

Not only to the medieval village of the Valentino park you can get married in a civil ceremony: the City with the “courtly Weddings” now offers rooms in historic buildings where celebrate the wedding in very beautiful places: the Mole Antonelliana, the Palazzo Civico , Palazzo Madama, the Carignano theater and the Risorgimento Museum.

As for the churches that we find in Turin, in addition to the well-known Duomo where he is kept the Holy Shroud, and Great Mother of God cult between the scene of legends and mystery, they are lots less solemn but of great value, one of these might just be that of your local area!

The hill, finally, is the best place to find, a few km from the center, excellent restaurants and historical residences dipped in silence and green. Besides the convenience regarding the move, you will have lovely views over the expanse of the day in the Alps, and at night watching the spectacle of the city lights under a starry sky.

These were just some of the thousands of ideas on how to get married in the city. It is not true that Turin is a grey place… we will prove it with our photos!