Radojka & Andreas

A wonderful experience, in amazing places, with beautiful people. What else could we say about Radojka & Andreas’ wedding? We show you our selection of photos to describe it, that weekend was full of fun, special moments and emotions that we tried to keep in our images.

Thursday evening, we arrive at Steim an Rhein, a good dinner with the couple, they tell us what will happen in the next two days, we clearly understand that it will be an unforgettable wedding.

Friday is the day of ceremony with civil rite. We follow bride’s preparation and we go to the municipal hall, here Radojka & Andreas say their “yes”. We are on the Swiss’ shore of the Rhine River, a little boat bring us to the location of the reception, Gasthaus Schupfen. Many friends are waiting for the newlyweds… surprise: another boat on the river brings musicians that play and make dance everybody!

Also the sun arrives to join the party 🙂 We do many portraits, then it comes the time to get the party started: a colorful photoset, fireworks and dance all night long! This day could be enough for a reportage of an amazing wedding but…

…Saturday is a great day, again. Andreas starts with his deserved relax in the sauna. Radojka put on her wonderful dress. Everything is ready for the marriage with religious rite. In Ehmalige Propostei Wagenhausen they get married with typical Orthodox ceremony. Many relatives are present to applaud the most important moment of their love story.

We go to the castle in Stein am Rhein, guests are received on a roof with a wonderful landscape on the hills and the Rhine River. Warm air, sunshine, magic atmosphere!

In Hohenklingen Castle the dinner is going to start. Most of guests are relatives, you could guess a more relaxed evening, but it’s not so! Flash mobs, games and jokes, everybody wear masks with weds’ faces, dancefloor is on fire, we take a lot of photos and wonder how the bride and the groom could live these days always on the top 🙂

Sunday morning, we wake up and take a brunch in Schupfen with the couple, their friends and relatives. Swiss hospitality was extraordinary, we really thank Radojka and Andreas for make us spend marvellous days in their Country… It’s time to come back in Turin and to show you the photos of their wonderful and unforgettable wedding weekend!!!

September 18-19, 2015

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