Nhu-Lan & Sergio

Nhu-Lan and Sergio’s destination wedding is the most “multi-ethnic” I’ve ever photographed. Friends from all over the world come to the Relais Sant’Uffizio, a beautiful location in the Monferrato countryside, to take part in this fantastic event. Watch the video trailer here:


Friends from all over the world

Nhu-Lan is of Chinese and Vietnamese origins. Sergio is Mexican. Friends come from Switzerland, France, Italy, Australia, United States of America, Germany, and many other Countries. I probably forget some, but I definitely made the idea!

In addition, it is a pleasure to know Manuela & Thierry, a couple who will marry next week: I will photographed them too.

We take some photos and video shot during the preparations… and then Nhu-Lan and Sergio are ready for the ceremony!

Wedding at the Relais Sant’Uffizio

The whole day takes place at the Relais Sant’Uffizio, in the zone of Moncalvo d’Asti. Two friends guide the civil ceremony, celebrated in three different languages.

The reception is going to start, the atmosphere is beautiful. The buffet is set outdoors, in the garden of the location, and for dinner we enter a large indoor hall. A lot of speeches and toasts are dedicated to the bride and groom.

Did you know that the color of typical Chinese wedding dress is red? I discovered it on this occasion: during the reception Nhu-Lan changes dress, and she is gorgeous in red. This is also the opportunity to take other portraits. There is an article on our magazine about marriages in red, and I think we will soon update it with this information!

Then it is time for the cut of the cake, the launch the bouquet, and many dances in a super atmosphere.

Realizing photo and video reportage of Nhu-Lan and Sergio’s destination wedding was an exceptional experience!

July 1, 2017

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