Antico Podere Tota Virginia, Serralunga d’Alba

Here is one of our favorite wedding venues: the Antico Podere Tota Virginia, in Serralunga d’Alba, in the heart of the Langhe.

Wedding photo at the Antico Podere Tota Virginia

Let’s see some photos to let you have some appetite. This is indeed a well-known place for wedding receptions. And it is a very well-known restaurant for its exceptional cuisine!

Furthermore, from here you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Langhe del Barolo hills. We are very close to the rows of vineyards, which in September are swollen with juicy grapes that will produce great wines. In short, a perfect place for a dream wedding in Langhe.

Wedding photo at the Antico Podere Tota Virginia

How can your wedding and reception film be in this location?

This trailer is a great example!

Finally, some location info …

The farm was built by renovating the farmhouses owned by Virginia Ferrero, a major producer of Barolo of the beginning of the century, and has a hotel with swimming pool and a restaurant with two large halls …

(Source: Tota Virginia website)