Castello di Bagnolo, Italy

Castello di Bagnolo is a perfect wedding venue for a destination wedding in Italy. Who would not want to get married in a charming castle with a spectacular view? We are at the top of a hill, in an ancient fortress surrounded by woods, vineyards, defensive stone walls, with a spectacular view of the Piedmont valleys.

Its great charm derives from the ancient aura that has been brought back since the X century, when it was built. Today it remains a perfect example of medieval military architecture. Today it has a completely different function: it is a beautiful place to visit, and is ideal for setting a ceremony or a wedding reception. Or – why not? – both, for a perfect wedding in location.

Wedding photos at the Castello di Bagnolo

Here are some photos of this beautiful location. The Castello di Bagnolo is a truly evocative place, which overlooks the Pinerolo plain up to the Olympic mountains. A place of great beauty and variety of spaces like this is already an excellent premise for a unique and special event like the wedding! We have been several times to photograph weddings in this location and we always come back with great pleasure, and the security of making very scenic photos.

It’s perfect for wedding receptions, Katia takes care of the management, and is in great demand! The management will also give you information for an eventual ceremony in the Castle, which for some years has been an agreement with the Municipality of Bagnolo for the celebration of marriages with civil value.

One solution that we have seen is exploited very well is that of outdoor marriage, in the gardens. And then a party in the area near the walls, where you can enjoy a view that enhances its beauty at sunset.

Finally, browsing through the pages we have dedicated to our wedding photos at Castello di Bagnolo, you get many inspirations.