Castle of San Sebastiano

The Castle of San Sebastiano is an area of history, beautiful and imperfect. Unconventional. It is those who visit it to complete it with their imagination.


Welcome to this elegant and comfortable location. We are on the hills over Turin that follow the stream of Po river. Suggesting interiors, ancient stables, vault ceilings… these are only few of the characteristic that make Castle of San Sebastiano an unique place.

To celebrate the ceremony in the nearby, there are two options: the church of Saint Cassiano and Sebastiano for catholic rite, or the beautiful gardens of the Castle, if you want to celebrate the civil rite under the first hills of Monferrato.

This is one of the wedding locations that we know better. For JoyPhotographers it is always a pleasure to photograph events in Castle of San Sebastiano, that Luca Garrese manages with great professionalism. We know every framing and we know how light work in every moment of the day.