Castle Pavone

Castle Pavone is a location for weddings in Italy of great scenic effect, no doubt!

Weddings at the Castle Pavone

We have chosen these images to give a demonstration of how magical the atmosphere of a wedding event can be in this location.

We are in the heart of a land that is particularly rich in castles: the Canavese. Many will be amazed looking from outside this location but perhaps not everyone has seen it live, entering the wonderful rooms.

It is an important historical monument, and is considered among the most beautiful in Italy. The exteriors have a great charm, and so also the interiors – starting from the courtyard, passing through the exquisitely furnished halls, up to the turret where you can enjoy an unsurpassable view of the Canavese…

The property offers an indoor restaurant, with very professional and prepared service.

Wedding photo at the Castello di Pavone

This jewel of Canavese is a very popular location for weddings. It is a scenic medieval fortification that offers a suggestive glance.

It is a show from the outside (and in the evening the lighting of the crenellated walls will further enhance its charm). But it is also a marvel in the interiors, finely furnished, with perfectly preserved outdoor spaces.

It’s a fairytale setting for a wedding reception… And an excellent source of stimulation for the imagination of us photographers! On one occasion, for example, the bride prepared herself in the tallest tower. A very “princess” situation that allowed us to take photos out of the ordinary.

By the way: it is a place where everything can be set up, from the wedding preparations, through the civil ceremony, to the reception. In short, it is possible to set an entire event all within these walls to enjoy all the advantages and comforts of a wedding in an unique location.

We also happened to work in weddings in “medieval theme” that harmonized beautifully with the style of this manor.

Wedding video at the Castle Pavone

Finally, for a complete wedding service, in addition to photos, you can not miss the video.

Below we show you an example of wedding trailer taken from our Youtube channel.

At the bottom of the page we show the photographic services of the weddings we followed at the Castello di Pavone.