Fontanafredda, Serralunga d’Alba

Tenuta Fontanafredda is a wedding location in the heart of the Langhe, in Serralunga d’Alba. A starred restaurant, a winery with great wines, an estate surrounded by vineyards: it is a perfect setting for a wedding in Italy.

In this gallery we show a selection of images from our photo services.

Wedding photos in Tenuta Fontanafredda

Most of the photos you see in the gallery are taken at the Garden del Lago: this is the large and bright structure that is provided to set the wedding receptions.

The Winery, full of vintage barrels and bottles, is an ideal place for your portraits. Outdoors, the vineyards and the Bosco dei Pensieri are some of the most romantic scenarios for taking photos of the newlyweds.

Finally, the Park that introduces the location is where we photograph the most joyful group moments, such as the buffet and the first toasts, the cutting of the cake, or the wedding ceremonies that can be organized here.

Wedding video in Tenuta Fontanafredda

All the spaces proposed by the location are found in the wedding videos that we show you. In addition, the video lends itself to telling all the wedding in cinematic style: a perfect way to remember and relive a special event in a unique location.

Trailer by our videomakers requires the event to enhance the emotions of the day and the value of the location. Here is a playlist full of examples.

Location Infos

Tenuta Fontanafredda is in the heart of the Langhe, Unesco Heritage, in Italy. We are in the medieval village of Serralunga d’Alba, which is gathered around the Castle.

The Guido Restaurant, directed by chef Ugo Alciati, is the starred restaurant that takes care of wedding events. Between high-level cuisine and fine wines from the rich winery, here you will find the food and wine excellence of the Langhe del Barolo.

The staff is very well trained: relying on a competent dining room staff is very important for the newlyweds to make sure that everything goes well, and it is also a valuable help for the work of us photographers.

As many know, Tenuta Fontanafredda is owned by Eataly. In our selection of photos, you will not fail to notice Oscar Farinetti himself, who is the creator and founder of Eataly, and whom we have had the opportunity to meet on some occasions.

Since this is a very popular restaurant, it is good to move well in advance to reserve your date.

Finally, as regards reservations, prices, availability, we invite you to visit the official website of Tenuta Fontanafredda.

Our last wedding photo services

To fully view our wedding photo and video services set in this location, just look at the ones below, which are chosen from the most recent. A selection that is always up to date, as every year we work many times in this location.

A good way to discover the Estate in every detail, and to have a precise idea of ​​the style of the reportage that you will have from us.