La Villa Hotel, Mombaruzzo

The Hotel La Villa is a wedding location in Mombaruzzo, in the Monferrato. The management by a family of English origins makes it ideal for Destination Weddings of couples who organize their wedding in Italy.

To show you every corner and scenery of this villa, there is nothing better than browsing the photo gallery above.

In our interview, the owner Nicola presents Hotel La Villa:

Wedding photos at the Hotel La Villa, Mombaruzzo

We are in a 16th century villa, now restored, which stands in the heart of the Monferrato Unesco Heritage. A perfect place for a wedding, and a scenario much loved by us photographers who are familiar with these landscapes, and we know the location in all the details.

The large outdoor spaces, between gardens and arcades, make Hotel La Villa the ideal restaurant for couples who dream of an outdoor wedding, whether indoors or under the stars. The very scenic evening lighting allows you to have vivid and rich photos of all the special atmosphere that you breathe in this estate. The swimming pool is also the gem that in the best locations can not miss.

Are you thinking of an evening or afternoon wedding? Set up in the courtyard or by the pool? Classic tables or a single long imperial table? Here you can do everything, and in our images you will find ideas for each of the possibilities.

Wedding video at the Hotel La Villa

We recommend the idea of ​​a wedding video to newlyweds who want to set the wedding day at the Hotel La Villa.

The open scenario allows deep and bright shots, within which our videomakers know how to contextualize all the emotions of the day.

Here is a playlist of trailers from our latest wedding videos:

Location information

If the Hotel La Villa has become a location so requested and appreciated by many spouses, the merit is of the English family who has run the Villa for many years. They are the idea of ​​renovating this estate making it a reference point for those who visit Monferrato and also for those who want to set their wedding.

To their very English practicality they added the cuisine of the typical Piedmontese restaurant: another feature that makes the location perfectly inserted in the territory.

It is also possible to set up the wedding ceremony to live the whole day here: some couples we photographed have organized a full weekend, which is another option that the staff can best manage.

Find all information on availability, prices, reservations, on the official website of the Hotel La Villa.

Latest wedding reportages

Finally, here are the most recent photo and video services that we have created at the Hotel La Villa in Mombaruzzo.

Each report is useful for exploring every corner of the location, from every point of view and at any time of the day. From the first emotions of the wedding to the evening reception with toasts and dances!