Valerie & Matthias

The 31st of August we saw a young swiss couple sweetly declare eternal love in a really unique and original way, as to celebrate it was their brothers! Well, yes…: image an open air ceremony, full of memories of the our guys, with their pictures and speeches of those who lived together Valerie and Matthias in their lifespan. That was really an emotional wedding!

In the same place, La Villa Hotel, the young newlyweds shared their love with family and friends, starting with a tasty appetizer followed by an open air dinner with amazing view on the Langhe hills.

I used the sunset light to make portraits of the two with a warm and romantic light, the light of the “golden hour”, fantastic!!!

As I got away with my english language, I portrayed the preparation phase with friends, the ceremony and the party that ended up late at night as I didn’t wanna loose the change to stay with such a wonderful couple in a dreamy location under the starry sky!!!

August 31th, 2013

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