Federica & Mikalis

Very often the expression “fairytale wedding” is used. But when the scenery is as beautiful as Lake Maggiore, well, then it’s REALLY fairytale. At Villa Rusconi Clerici, overlooking the lake, Federica and Mikalis celebrate the wedding, and these are the photos of the whole day.

A special thanks goes to the Wedding Planner, Roberta Adamo of Spazio Bianco, who took care of the organization and the preparations. A professional that we have known here at JoyPhotographers for years, and her events on Lake Maggiore – one of the most beautiful places of Italy – are always of unique beauty.

The Wedding at Villa Rusconi Clerici, Lake Maggiore

The day begins with the bride and groom’s preparations: the bride wears the dress at Villa Rusconi Clerici, in a room with a fantastic lake view. With her the bridesmaids, her sister, and mum and dad. The groom is not far away, at the Grand Hotel Majestic, together with friends, brother and parents.

It is amazing how beautiful Lake Maggiore is even with the sky rippled with clouds. The ceremony takes place under a tensile structure, however it does not rain, on the contrary the clouds break, letting the blue of the sky filter through. Federica and Mikalis join in marriage to the applause of guests from all over the world, and now all that remains is to have the most beautiful party in the world!

A boat ride on Lake Maggiore, and then the wedding reception

Before celebrating, Federica and Mikalis take a romantic boat ride on Lake Maggiore. At their return in Villa Rusconi Clerici, the aperitif begins, with the toasts and the launch of the bouquet. And then the evening falls with its magic of stars. Stars that are recalled in the lighting of the location, with many little lights that dot the ceiling. The imperial table and the breathtaking setting by Roberta Adamo make the evening the top!

The speeches of the guests begin, and the first dances are already animated. The cutting of the cake is with the background of the villa and a scenography of luminous fountains: let the photos be the ones to make you appreciate the glance.

It doesn’t end there: the newlyweds and guests take a private ferry to move to another location in Feriolo to dance all night long. Here the photographic story ends, but the party does not end: the wedding of Federica & Mikalis is a wonderful event!

September 19, 2021

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