Vreni & Lucanus

She is Swiss, he is Canadian, a lot of friends came from the whole world (even from Australia!) in this little, precious and wonderful piece of Piedmont that looks over the Langhe, to partecipate to Vreni e Lucanus wedding!

They are two charming guys that love each other so much. Lucanus’ brother and Vreni’s sister were the best man and the maid of honour, helping them in preparations and accompanying them in the celebration. It was a ceremony with many speeches, that were celebrated in English and in German. Later, all the guests would be joining in the joyful mood created by an unique universal language: music.

What a beautiful location: it’s the first time that we come here. Cascina Langa is a renovated farm that keeps an old times charm. Dinner were prepared in the yard at the entrance of the farm, with tables in “U” shape: you can see it in the photo that we choose as cover of this event. An unique table, decorated with flowers and ceramic dishes, created a very rustic and warm mood. Witnesses partecipated with speeches that made laugh, touch, and rise glasses for many toasts!

And what about music? The final party was a great concert, with a succession of jam sessions, many friends enjoyed playing and singing with the bride and the groom and their brother and sister. Vreni dedicated a song to Lucanus, and he replied with another song: that was the sweetest moment of a beautiful event, where the bride and the groom were protagonists and entertainers. Vreni & Lucanus, you are a gorgeous couple!

July 10th, 2015

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