Elizabeth & Christopher

The first thing I think of when I post produce these photos is the beautiful smile of these two young guys, Elizabeth and Christopher. They chose to spend their wedding in Mombaruzzo, between the hills of Monferrato, an amazing scenery in the North of Italy.

The sun is shining from a beautiful sky of blue. We are in June, Spring is becoming Summer, days are long and full of light, and in the night there is magic in the air.

Ceremony in Fontanile

After the getting ready and the make up, Elizabeth is ready to go to the church Fontanile, where Christopher is waiting for her.

The rite of their marriage is full of energy and emotions, and a vintage Porsche is waiting to take them away, on the hills of Monferrato!

Wedding in Mombaruzzo

At our arrival in the location of the reception, there is a wonderful light. It is the light of sunset, that give the perfect atmosphere for portraits to the bride and the groom in the vineyards.

It is time to start the buffet, and friends are ready for their speeches. We are in the garden of the restaurant, we spend all the night in the open because the weather is perfect.

The romantic light of candles accompany the dinner… but in the end, it comes the time to dance and have fun on the dancefloor, all night long. And so ends the wedding photo reportage of beautiful Elizabeth and Christopher. Best wishes!

10 Giugno 2017

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