Wedding locations in Torino

Turin is the center, Turin is where we work, Turin is a city full of fascinating places that we often use for photo shootings. Romantic hills over the Po River, the amazing Reggia of Venaria, the valleys of Lanzo and Susa, the cozy Pinerolo… A bit beyond, the lakes and the castles of the Canavese, fairytale scenery at the foot of the Alps. The course of the Po River leads the eye to the Monferrato countryside.

The term “melting pot” is not to be applied exclusively to cities on the other side of the ocean. In its two thousand years of history, Turin has not stopped changing for a moment. Always hotbed of political activity, city of the nineteenth century “santi sociali” (social saints), birthplace of cinema, radio and television in Italy, Turin has seen its streets frequented by many writers, painters and, nowadays, film makers and DJs. Turin is multicultural by its very nature, and is now being rediscovered as a tourist destination which is at once cultured, gourmand and youthful. Tourists enjoy Turin’s Savoyard residences, its historical cafes, its chocolate shops, restaurants, art galleries and interesting night-spots, such as the Murazzi and the Quadrilatero Romano (Roman Quadrilateral). The Quadrilatero Romano, where the old town centre has been restored, offers tourists impressive facades by day, and a lively nightlife.


Here is a list, as detailed as possible, of the locations for receptions in Turin and its province.


Alessandria Torino Biella Cuneo Asti Vercelli Novara Verbano-Cusio-Ossola

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