Meghan & Joshua

She is from New York. He is from Australia. They love to travel. And in fact they choose to celebrate their wedding in one of the most beautiful places in Europe. We are in Italy, more precisely in a fantastic location that we are lucky to know very well. Their Destination Wedding is in Monferrato, at Hotel La Villa in Mombaruzzo.

Welcome to Meghan & Joshua’s Event!

Destination Wedding Monferrato: a weekend is a good idea

Monferrato and Langhe are amazing places (Unesco Heritage) to celebrate a wedding. And the reportage of such an event has to be realized by a professional wedding photographer that knows the locations very well. I am very honored to be the choice of this couple. And the photos you see are the souvenir of Meghan & Joshua’s wonderful weekend with their friends.

The photogallery starts with the photos of the first of the two days. Here we are in the evening at Hotel La Villa, in front of a wonderful sunset, with so many friends coming from the four corners of the globe to celebrate this couple. The menu is simply pizza: what’s more Italian than this? The most famous Italian specialty in the world is the beginning of a beautiful evening that creates the right atmosphere for the great event.

Wedding at Hotel La Villa in Mombaruzzo

Everything is ready for the wedding of Meghan and Joshua. It’s a summer day, so that a beautiful outdoor wedding is possible. The hills designed by the vineyards give us an exceptional landscape. We use our telescopic stick for even more panoramic pictures. The couple exchanges promises in the beautiful garden of the location!

Then it is time to party. From the afternoon to the evening there is a big reception, all outdoors, because it’s worth to enjoy 100% of these wonderful hills around us. Many guests are ready with their speeches, that in Anglo-Saxon cultures are virtually an art.

A great live band creates the right atmosphere for the buffet, and then in the evening let us dance and have fun. Meanwhile, we find occasion for some portraits of these fantastic guys.

Meghan and Joshua were the protagonists of a fabulous Wedding Destination Monferrato!

July 7-8, 2017

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