Sara & Alex

We always love to do wedding photography in Hotel La Villa in Mombaruzzo. Thanx to the work of Chris and Nicola, that manage this beautiful location in Monferrato, the wedding party of Sara & Alex is an unforgettable magic day.

The whole event is in the open. The sun that shines on these hills is perfect for a great destination wedding in Italy. There are many friends from UK: Sara & Alex want to share with them this wonderful spring marriage!

Hotel La Villa in Mombaruzzo is one of the most appreciated locations for destination weddings in Italy. Many european couples choose to marry in Monferrato, and this is a place where they feel like they are at home.

Wedding Monferrato Mombaruzzo: what a day!

Sara has Italian origins: her grandma were born in Alessandria, a few km from here. We photograph the getting ready of the bride, there are many bridesmaids with her. Alex prepare with his best man, and soon he is ready to wait for the arrival of Sara!

Let’s start the ceremony. And let’s listen to the speeches of the friends, that sweetly remind of the love story of the bride and the groom. The Italian inflection of the priest make it all more funny!

The reception starts under the lights of the location’s garden. Buffet, dinner, toasts… an many many speeches. Finally, it is time to party. Sara and Alex are the queen and the king of the dancefloor. The dance carries on all night long…

And very few days later, we are ready to show you the photos of their unforgettable wedding party!

May 13, 2017

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