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Are you dreaming of a wedding in Italy?


You just have a problem… you do not know where to start to turn your dream into reality.

Do not worry, because so many couples like you have faced the same problem. It’s very easy to solve it: just rely on professionals of great quality and experience.

Well, congratulations: you are in the right place!

Our photographic studio usually realizes wedding reportages of foreign couples – mostly from North Europe – who organize a fabulous Destination Wedding in Italy. Our headquarters are in Turin, and we travel all over Italy every week to photograph weddings in dream locations.

Do you want some suggestions that can help you? This page will help you to know how to have fabulous memories of your wedding in Italy.

Which places are easier to orient yourself on?

…Or better: do you have any clear ideas about where to organize the event OR have not you decided on so many possibilities yet?

We give you 3 ideas for dream locations, so that you know where European couples prefer to target for a Wedding Destination in Italy.

1. Tuscany

Wedding ceremonies in Castello di Gabbiano

Tuscany is the “queen” of the wedding venues in Italy. Its marvelous landscapes, castles and mild climate make it the scenery of many couples dreaming of a wedding of great elegance, luxury and beauty. To give you some inspiration, look here two fabulous marriages we photographed this year: Johanna & Andrea and Georgie & Saman.

2. Lakes

fotografo matrimonio lago orta

Northern Italy is rich in enchanting lakes, with villages and landscapes of timeless charm. For centuries these places have been the typical destination of the Northern European aristocracy holidays. Here we work with the best wedding planners who can create here wedding events from the regal and unforgettable atmosphere! Here’s an example: Barbara & Valerio.

3. Langhe

fotografo matrimonio Langhe Barolo

Langhe, Monferrato and Roero are wonderful UNESCO Heritage hills where the world’s most famous wines are produced, such as Barolo and Barbaresco. There are locations that are specialized in European couples weddings, and we work with them regularly. Read more info to learn more.

How will your wedding photo service be?

Your wedding deserves a memory that lasts your whole life.

Catering, music, and other services are only one day long. Your wedding photo service, however, is a memory that lasts forever. Indeed, in time it increases its value!

In line with the new trends, our style is creative and spontaneous, and we won’t force you in “old-fashioned” portraits. We will let you live completely your event: your freedom is essential to have pictures of pure real emotion!

Our work for us start from our first meeting, carry on with the wedding, and lasts until the giving of the photos or, if you want, the realization of your Photo Book.

Here are 3 important points that you will find very interesting…

castello di bibbione wedding

  • We speak english fluently: no problems in communication and understanding.
  • We are discreet: we know how to behave in every situation, and we do not interfere with the wedding atmosphere. It is important to avoid any possibility of unwanted situations. Our goal is achieved when the bride and the groom forget of our presence!
  • We are very fast in giving you the photos: 2-3 weeks to have all the pics + 200 ca. post-produced. You won’t wait for months to have the photos!

Many couples like to realize the Photo Book of their wedding. Thanks to our webgallery system, we will share with you the project of the Book. Thanks to this system, you could ask us for changes in the design, comfortably from the sofa of your home, so that the Book will be exactly in the way that you want.

With your collaboration, the Book will be ready in 1 month, and we will directly send you home!

A nice idea? The wedding video!

The wedding video is a wonderful idea to complete the souvenir of your wedding.

Our videomakers are able to capture in movie-style emotions all the atmosphere of your big day. Do you want an example? Look at this video trailer.

As you see, the style of our videographers is harmonized with the photos.

…That is an exceptional idea to relive your event every time you want, maybe in company with your friends or relatives!

How to organize the event?

Finally, we have two news: a bad and a nice one.

The bad one is: organizing marriage in Italy requires a lot of energy and time.

But the good news is… a great professional will do it for you! In fact we are in touch with the best Italian wedding planners, and depending on the area of ​​Italy you choose we will involve the best professional in the zone. This is the only solution that will allow you to have a wedding event organized to perfection… in the fastest and easiest way. And you can live up to 100% your day without any thoughts or worries. Not bad, don’t you think?

Tell us your dream: we know how to make it come true!

All you have to do is write to us: fill out the form on the bottom of this page and we will respond promptly with all the information.

We can’t wait to meet you. We are waiting for you!