Alberta & Juan

I traveled a thousand kilometers to photograph their wedding in Sacile. But for a wedding like this I’d make ten thousand!

There are many reasons: the first is that this village in Friuli Venezia Giulia is truly an enchantment. The second is that the event brings together a mix of people from both Italy (like the bride) and Spain (like the groom). And the third reason – the most important – is that I care a lot about Alberta & Juan, ever since I met her while we were working in Corfu for ScuolaZoo, and then she moved to Spain to live with her future husband.

And five years later, here we are again, together with many friends, well-known people and very familiar faces that I see again after a long time. There is no need to ask: the answer is no, time just doesn’t seem to have passed!

The photos in the gallery give an idea of ​​how spectacular this wedding was. And to make the idea even better, here is the video trailer:

Matrimonio in Sacile in the Cathedral

Ready for the first photos of the day. Juan gets ready at the hotel, in the center of Sacile, together with his brother and sister. Alberta, on the other hand, wears the dress at her parents’ home, where she was born and raised.

The ceremony is in the Cathedral of Sacile (Church of San Nicolò) with many guests. The Spaniards make their festive presence felt well! The celebration is officiated in both Italian and Spanish, and the rite includes the veiled blessing of the spouses, under a veil held by the witnesses.

Armed with confetti shooters, friends finally stationed themselves at the church exit to wait for the newlyweds and explode a storm of colors!

Wedding reception at Villa Brandolini, Vistorta, Sacile

The location is Villa Brandolini in Vistorta, a hamlet of Sacile. While the guests leave for the location, we stop for a few minutes in the historic center to take some portraits. The village is so beautiful that the photos are taken by themselves, and I am spoiled for choice to decide which ones to include in this gallery!

The sun sets, we move to the location, the magic of the evening immediately begins to make the atmosphere special. As soon as the couple arrive, the great DJ Sandro Bani turns the volume up, and the friends don’t think twice about starting to dance.

Dinner is a riot of celebration, with three imperial tables full of friends who toast non-stop. It is time for the cutting of the cake, outside, another scenographic moment full of enthusiasm. In the estate of the location there is a very funny Photo Booth, the ice cream cart and the hookah corner.

Before the overwhelming night dances, the most incredible surprise: for all guests there is a tattoo area. Not the normal transfers, but real tattoos! Needless to say, tattoo artists have worked non-stop.

And the images in this gallery are not tattoos, but in the same way make indelible the memory of an unforgettable day, that of Alberta & Juan’s wedding. A huge pleasure and honor to photograph this spectacular event!

October 9, 2021

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