Chiara & Emanuele

Chiara and Emanuele live in London, but come back to Italy to experience their most beautiful day. We are in Susa: at the Fort of Brunetta their marriage is an opportunity to see important people in their lives, and to visit Italy to many English friends. Different languages ​​and international cultures make their Italian Wedding an exciting and unforgettable event!

Wedding in Susa, Piedmont, Italy

We begin the day by photographing the preparations of Emanuele, in Almese. Then we go to the house of Chiara’s parents, here there is also grandma Raffaella, with whom she shares a tattoo on her shoulder. Under the curious eye of the dog Nora the bride wears the dress: it is a beautiful dress of bright red that harmonizes with the shoes and the bouquet… and will be recalled by roses in the pocket of the groom.

The ceremony is in the Municipality of Susa, outdoors in the courtyard, where Chiara and Emanuele come together in marriage. The band’s music greets them at the exit. Rice, petals, hugs… and immediately it is time to go to the location of the reception.

Wedding reception at the Forte della Brunetta, Susa

The Fort of Brunetta is a location that we know well and that we really like. The mountains are close and their profile is clear: an excellent scenario for photographs that differ from those we make in many other locations in Piedmont. And the sunset, what a beauty!

Already during dinner the situation is very funny: a fake waiter begins to intrigue the guests with his magic numbers. Chiara and Emanuele read their thanksgiving speech to the guests who came to share this very important day: a truly exciting moment, for both spouses and friends.

Finally, with music and dances, it is a great party. A magical evening that is the perfect continuation for Chiara and Emanuele’s fantastic Italian Wedding!

June 30, 2018

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