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Ellie & Bobby – Wedding in Fontanile


…So you planned to spend your wedding day in the wonderful Langhe. You decided the date, you choose the location. There is one more important thing to arrange: you have to find the photographer!

Not a simple photographer…

  • an excellent photographer
  • that knows very well the location of the wedding
  • that speaks english fluently
  • careful and discreet
  • that in a few time could send you all the photos and realize your Album…

Well, you’re welcome: you are in the right place!

We worked as wedding photographers for many Swiss couples that came to marry in Langhe and Monferrato.

Now I will explain you why many couples from the Countries of Northern Europe love to come here to celebrate their wedding day!

wedding photographer langhe monferrato

Ellie & Bobby – Wedding in Fontanile


Within 4 hours by car you will find extraordinary restaurants and wedding locations!

The first reason why the dream of many couples is to celebrate their wedding in Langhe and Monferrato is very simple: Piedmont, in the north-west of Italy, is famous all around the world to be the homeland of the finest food and wine!

wedding photographer langhe monchiero

Aoife & Bart – Castello di Barolo


But there is more: here you find amazing countries and extraordinary places.

The hills of Langhe and Monferrato were declared UNESCO Heritage. The landscapes, the vineyards, the ancient villages, every town and every view are enchanting, unique and out of time.

Maybe you already know Langhe and Monferrato by reputation, don’t you? But we assure you that to spend your wedding event in these places will be an extraordinary experience for you and all your friends.

wedding photographer langhe castiglione falletto

Francesca & Ivan – Castiglione Falletto


And there are more and more advantages to marry in Italy:

  • Restaurants are generally less expensive than the Northern Europe. The same is for all the other costs.
  • In Langhe, Roero e Monferrato there are 18 star restaurant leaded by chefs of international profile. Italy is the most loved destination in the world of wine and food tourism.
  • Langhe and Monferrato are closer than you imagine! From Switzerland the trip is not more than 4 / 5 hours by car.

Kristina & Andreas were organizing their wedding in the zone of Zurich. Because once they spent a holiday in Piedmont, they inquired, out of curiosity, how much would it cost a destination wedding in Italy.

They discovered that they could arrange a wonderful event in Monferrato, with the possibility to have the great quality of Italian wines and food, booking an Italian photographer that knows very well the location… using less budget than the Zurich solution!

So they organized a wonderful weekend with many parents and friends, and their marriage was a fantastic experience that everybody remember.

…And to make your event truly unforgettable, one of the most important things to choose when you decide to marry is the photographer.

It is so everywhere in the world! For your wedding in Italy, which could be your best choice?

wedding photographer la villa

Alessandra & Oliver – Wedding in Mombaruzzo


For your wedding in Langhe, here are the advantages of choosing an Italian professional photographer:

  1. He perfectly knows the places, because he works there very often.
  2. He is available for an inspection on the location with you, this is an important help for your planning.
  3. He will take the best photos if you discuss share him the organization of the wedding day.
  4. He will allow the bride and the groom to feel at ease in a place that they know a few.
  5. He could take more creative shoots than you think!!!

wedding photographer italy church

Ellie & Bobby – Here Comes the Bride


We photographed wonderful wedding in the locations of Langhe and Monferrato: you could watch all the photos in our location pages of La Villa Mombaruzzo, Antico Borgo Monchiero, Boscareto Hotel and many other restaurants…

Here we present the experiences of some couples that choose JoyPhotographers for their wedding in Italy!

VALERIE & MATTHIAS from Zurich | Hotel La Villa, Mombaruzzo, Monferrato

wedding photographer mombaruzzo monferrato

Valerie & Matthias – Wedding in Mombaruzzo


“We would like to send you a HUGE thank you! You made our wedding unforgettable. Not only with the pictures that we will keep for ever, but also with your discrete and attentive way of working. You truly have an eye for charming details that make the difference – and you simply have style!
The wedding album you have created ist wonderful too – a precious memory which will allow us to live through the best day of our lives again and again…
Valerie & Matthias”

ELLIE & BOBBY from London | Fontanile, Asti, Monferrato

wedding photographer monferrato fontanile

Ellie & Bobby – Wedding in Fontanile


“Hi Stefano, Wow thank you so much for the photos. We have had so much fun going through them and reliving the best day of our lives. You captured everything so perfectly. Thank you so very much. Many thanks again for everything, they truly are beautiful shots.”

CHARLOTTE & DIEGO from London | Locanda del Pilone, Castiglione Falletto, Langhe

wedding langhe locanda del pilone

Charlotte & Diego – Wedding in Langhe


These photos are beautiful! Thank you for capturing all these special moments are our wedding day. We really appreciated the way you worked on the day, we didn’t notice you taking all these photos. Thank you!!!”

So what are you waiting for?


Tell us what kind of wedding are you dreaming of… And our photographers will show you the best way to enJoy your wedding in Langhe!

wedding photographer langhe

Veronique & Mateo – Wedding in Langhe


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