Simona & Chris

It was the most special weekend for Simona & Chris, full of color, smell and taste of Piemonte, even though the weather was not as it should be in mid summer, that was an amazing wedding weekend.

Hotel La Villa in Mombaruzzo, brilliantly managed by Nicola & Chris once again over exceeded expectations, and it all run in the best possible way, flawless, exalting the beauty of the place.

Friday night we came up for some shots for the barbecue, friendly atmosphere for the welcome party for family and friends. Good food and wine, fireworks and fun for everyone.

On Saturday the wedding day in the afternoon. We took some shots during the dressing up, very emotional for Simona while Chris was chilling with friend, drinking Italian beer.

The ceremony was intimate, touching but fun at the same time: in the beautiful scenery of Monferrato Hills the guys exchanged rings and took and for friends and family they got officially married!

Time for Aperitivo now, get some drinks and relax a bit, then some portraits and some family shots, and finally Simona & Chris are ready for dinner and so are guests.

We had time to take some portraits in the sunset and then the dancing time came up as all friends wear a mask of the couple as shown in the pictures, very funny!

I wasn’t there on Sunday but I bet that was a great day too!




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